Pattern Making And Draping (Practical)

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GPM 225
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To acquaint students with the techniques of flat pattern making.
To introduce students to the concepts of draping.

  • Introduction to techniques in pattern making
05 hrs
  • Drafting
  • Flat  Pattern Method
  • Draping
  • Drafting of child & adults basic bodice, sleeve block, skirt & trousers block   Adaptations of basic blocks for sleeves, collars, skirts and trousers
20 hrs
  • Flat pattern design on bodice block through:
35 hrs
  • Dart manipulation:   Moving, Dividing and combining darts by pivot & slash and spread.
  • Converting dart into:  Seam lines, Gathers, Pleats, Tucks, and Yokes.
Principles of Draping 30 hrs
  • Draping dress form for bodice and skirt.
  • Construction of one top draped in muslin to be completed through basic steps.
Essential Readings: 
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