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  • To acquaint students with consumer behaviour and its effects on the fashion market
Unit I: 
Consumer Behavior
  • Definition, need of studying consumer behavior, consumers impact on marketing strategy, marketing’s impact on consumers
  • Types of consumers
  • Consumer needs and Wants, models of Consumer Behavior
  • Understanding market segments
Unit II: 
Consumers Perception & Motivation
  • Elements, Dynamics, consumer imagery, theories
  • Motivation as a psychological force, dynamics of motivation, types and systems of needs, measurement of motives
Unit III: 
Consumer Learning, Personality and Lifestyles
  • Elements of consumer learning, behavioral learning theories, cognitive learning theory, measures of consumer learning
  • Nature, Theories of personality, Understanding consumer diversity, Brand personality, Self and self image, Virtual personality, lifestyle and psychographics, lifestyle trends
Unit IV: 
Consumer Attitude formation and change
  • Definition, structural models of attitude, attitude  formation
  • Strategies of attitude change, using attitudes to predict behaviour
  • Changing attitudes through communication
Unit V: 
Consumer Research
  • Consumer research paradigms
  • Quantitative research & qualitative research
  • The consumer research process
  • Ethics in consumer research


Essential Readings: 
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