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  1. To make aware of the general global fashion scenario.
  2. To prepare for the global competition


Unit I: 
  • Liberalization, Privatization & Globalization & its impact on Indian economy
  • Development  before & after phasing out of Quota system
  • Origin of Fashion
  • Fashion Terminology:                                                                                             Style, fashion, high fashion, mass fashion, design, classic, fad, trend, haute couture, couturiere, knockoffs and prêt-a-porter
Unit II: 
  • Fashion Cycle
  • Theories and Principles of Fashion
  • Fashion apparel- women’s, men’s, children’s & teens- category and size ranges
  • Fashion accessories- categories, market segments and trends in accessory industry
  • Leather and fur- the leather industry, trends in leather industry, the fur industry


Unit III: 
  • Global designer practices- vendor as designer, private label designer, brand label designer, free lance designer, designer as manufacturer, costume designer, consumer as a designer
  • National & International designers
  • Fashion Shows
  • National & International fashion centres
  • Fashion Leaders and Followers
Unit IV: 
  • Role of government & private bodies in promotion of textile industry
  • Global sourcing: Importing procedures and industry concern.
  • Development in textile and apparel sectors
  • E- Commerce for fashion sector
Unit V: 
  • Trade barriers and regulation:
  1. Evolution of trade
  2. Protective trade
  3. Trade agreement
  • Illegal and unethical trade activity:
  1. Customs compliance
  2. Intellectual Property law
  3. Social responsibilities
  4. Making trade fairer
Essential Readings: 
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  2. Kunz, I. G and Garner, M., Going global the textile and apparel industry, Fairchild publication, New York, 2007.
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