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  • To understand various processes of quality assurance.
  • To enhance awareness of several international standards in quality assurance.
Unit I: 
  • Concept of Quality, Quality cost relationship, managing quality through inspection and testing, and seven tools of quality
  • Inspection: Inspection and its significance. Raw material inspection, In process inspection and Final quality inspection (Inspecting garments using spec sheets and measuring tape)
  • Fabric faults at different stages of manufacturing: yarn defects, weaving defects, dyeing defects and finishing defects


Unit II: 
Textile Testing
  • Introduction, precision and accuracy of test methods, atmospheric   conditions for testing, strength properties of apparel. Fabric stretch properties, dimensional changes in apparel due to laundering, dry cleaning, steaming pressing and color fastness
  • Drapability and Crease recovery
  • Performance test of textiles for examining product outcomes
  • Standards and Tests of Fabric for: Functionality, Fit and Fashionality
  • Determining the Appropriate Test
Unit III: 
Sewn Production Processes
  • Quality Considerations in: Marker and Laying, Spreading, Knife Cutting and Computer Driven Cutters, Dies, Bundling Assembly, Assembly, Finishing and Final Inspection
  • Button quality testing, Interlining quality testing, testing of  Zippers, snap fasteners, sewing threads
Unit IV: 
  • Benefits of standards
  • Levels of standards
  • Sources of standards
  • ISO 9000 Series
  • Introduction to AATCC, ASTM, ISO, BIS, INDA
Unit V: 
Care labelling and Eco friendly textiles
  • Importance, terminology, symbols and usage, International care labelling,
  • Elementary knowledge of wool mark and silk mark.
  • Introduction to eco friendly textiles, banned dyes and eco parameters,
  • Environmental impact of Textile Industries
Essential Readings: 
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