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  • To help students develop the skills needed in conducting a research.
  • To introduce students to the skills in report writing.
  • To acquaint students with basic statistical techniques and their application.


Unit I: 
  • Definition and Concept of research
  • Objectives of research
  • Types of Research- Descriptive Vs Analytical, Applied Vs Fundamental, Quantitative Vs Qualitative, Conceptual Vs Empirical, Historical
  • Research Approaches
  • Research process, problems, criteria for good research, significance of research
Unit II: 
Research Design
  • Meaning, Need and Characteristics of good research design

  • Variables- Meaning and Concept, types
  • Research problem
  • Hypothesis- purpose, characteristics, types and criteria of hypothesis



Unit III: 
Data gathering instruments


  •  Observation & survey methods

  •  Techniques of data collection, Scrutiny of data, accuracy of measurements, testing of Questionnaires


Unit IV: 
Scaling and Sampling
  • Purpose of Scaling
  • Techniques of scaling
  • Types of Scales- Nominal, Ordinal, Interval and Ratio scales
  • Meaning of census and sample
  • Characteristics of a good sample
  • Need for sample
  • Types of Samples based on Probability and Non-probability sampling
  • Probability Sampling- Idea of simple random sampling, Stratified and Cluster sampling
  • Non-probability sampling- Purposive and Quota sampling
Unit V: 
Statistics: Meaning, Importance and limitations of Statistics
  • Classification and Tabulation of data
  • Discrete and Continuous variables.
  • Frequency distribution and Cumulative frequency distribution
  • Diagrammatic Presentation of data- One dimensional and two dimensional
  • Graphical Presentation of data- Histogram, Frequency Polygon, Frequency Curve and Ogives
  • Measures of Central Tendency- Mean, mode and median, their merits and demerits
  • Measures of Dispersion- Range, Quartile, Deviation, Mean Deviation and standard deviation, Coefficient of variation

  Research Report Writing:

  • Format of research report, presentation, bibliography, references.
Essential Readings: 
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