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  • To create awareness regarding current trends, issues and researches related to various aspects of Fashion Management.

Course Outcomes (COs):


Learning outcomes

(at course level)

Learning and teaching strategies

Assessment Strategies

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FSD 127







The students will be able to –



CO 25 Identify and understand current trends/ process /technical changes in the field of Fashion, Textiles and Apparel

CO 26 Explore the current and emerging issues in field of Fashion, Textiles and Apparel

CO 27 Prepare systematic report on a selected topic

CO 28 Improve oral and written communication  

Approach in teaching:

Interactive discussion, power-point presentation, guest lectures


Learning Activities for the students :Report writing and presentation through chart, poster and presentation

Assessment task will include Class test, Semester end examinations, student’s presentations and assignments.


Assessment task require students to present work in progress for weekly feedback and constructive criticism.


Unit I: 


  • Students will make a term paper & present seminar:

A. Current and Emerging issues in different areas (Any one):

  • Apparel merchandising
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Retailing
  • Branding
  • Construction
  • Production
  • Fashion and Export management 


B. Appreciation of any Two Indian Fashion Designers-

Collecting & illustrating brief history of their work, the famous & celebrated designs collection and shows of these designers.

  • Students will make two illustrations each (with the help of Croqui) based on these fashion designers.
  • Students will present the seminar report along with power point on the selected topic.


Academic Year: