“Demonstration of Sewing Machines”


Department of Fashion and Textiles

                        “Demonstration of Sewing Machines”


Date:  29 September 2019

Activity: Demonstration of Sewing Machines ( Array, Flat lock, Over lock, Leather, Fabric cutting machine)

Venue: Draping Lab


The Department of Fashion & Textiles organised a demonstration on Array, Flat lock, Over lock, Leather sewing machine and fabric cutting machine for the students of M.A/M.Sc./M.com semester I.  Mr. Deeraj Motiani along with his technician was the resource person. They demonstrated the various functions of flat lock and over lock sewing machines which are electronic and technologically advanced models. They also demonstrated working of embroidery machine from Brother’s, heavy fabric stitching machine, fabric cutting machine. Students learnt the working of flat lock and over lock machine to stitch their knitted garments. Students are also learnt the working of fashion maker.


Students practiced on aray machines, flat lock, over lock machines for stitching of knitted fabrics. The focus of the demonstation was to develop skills and understand working procedure of flat lock, over lock, aray machines. Students found this session to be highly informative and useful.



Prof. Radha Kashyap                                          Teacher Coordinator

Head, Dept. of Fashion & Textiles                         Ms.Aman Deep Kaur