Conference(in collaboration)

Name of the Department: Fashion & Textiles

Name of the Event: Conference(in collaboration)

Date: 24/06/2022

             Venue: Diggi Palace,Jaipur

Topic on which activity was organized: Collaboration with CODE, Vivekanand Global University, Jaipur on 2nd International Conference & Conclave, Design Education for Better World

Resource Person: Vivekanand Global University, Jaipur

Beneficiary: Department of Fashion & Textiles, IIS(deemed to be University) Jaipur


The Department of Fashion and Textiles, IIS(deemed to be University), collaborated with  Vivekanand Global University, Jaipur for the 2nd International Conference & Conclave, on 24th June 2022. The theme for the conference was Design Education for Better World. The conference was all about design education which enlightened the knowledge on social change, livelihood, environmental protection and design & technology for the future which is the need of the hour. The conference created awareness among the budding designers for the future development in the design process which involves research vision & idea generation, further leading to the thinking process that involves brainstorming and resulting in the designing of the product. The conference further emphasized on the importance of sustainable fashion for our environment and the betterment of our future.

The following were presented in oral and poster categories by faculties and students of the department of Fashion & Textiles in various sub-themes.

Design for Social Change

Kirtika Rathore & Radha Kashyap: Extendable Apparel: Clothes that Grow with The ‘Growing Ones’

Kabya S Samal and Sulekha Ojha:  Consumer Awareness towards Sustainable Fashion Practices

Neetu Saini & Radha Kashyap: Recording Socio-Economic Conditions of appliqué artisans

Design for Building Livelihood

Dr. Sulekha Ojha: Handmade Products using fabric waste: A step towards sustainability

Ms. Shruti Singh & Radha Kashyap: Working Condition of Pattu weavers in Western Rajasthan

Ms. Vatsala & Dr Vipin kumari: A Study on Social and Physical Condition of Artisans of Hands Knotted Carpet Industry of Jaipur

Ms. Pooja Marodia & Dr Vipin kumari: Development of Western Wear through Block Printing Inspired form Churu City Fresco Paintings

Ms Surbhi Jain & Dr Vipin kumari: Revival of Rogan Art  painting for Contemporary used

Ms Garima Tiwari & Dr Radha Kashyap: Suggestive measures: Issues faced by women

artisans involved in embroidery craft of Barmer

Design and Environmental Protection

Ms Chhaya Khandelwal & Dr Radha Kashyap: Recreating Sustainable Kitchen Linen through Up cycling

Design and Technology for the Future

Ms Vidushi & Dr Radha Kashyap: Reinvent the experience of Apparel Shopping with



Ms. Vaidika & Ms. Garima Tiwari: Adaptation Blue Pottery Motifs into Gota Work of Jaipur.

Ms Gauri Kathju & Dr. Radha Kashyap: Sustaining Traditional Textile Craft through geographical indications.

Dr Radha Kashyap was the judge for the product exhibit in the conference.

Ms. Surbhi Jain got the award for best oral presentation in the sub-theme Design for Building Livelihood

It was a great learning process for the students and faculties as they got knowledge about research done in the field of designing and the conference deliberated upon several important issues pertaining to design education.



Prof. Radha Kashyap                                                Dr. Sulekha Ojha           Department of Fashion & Textiles                     Teacher Co-ordiinator