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Report on ‘CREATIONS-2024’

Name of the Activity:

13th Annual Fashion Show: ‘CREATIONS-2024’

Type of the Activity:

Fashion Show

Date and Day:

28-02-2024, Wednesday


5:00 PM onwards


Birla Auditorium, Statue Circle, Jaipur

Participants: (110)

Designers: B.Sc. II, IV, VI and MA/M.Sc./ M.Com. II, IV Dept. of Fashion and Textiles (46)

Models: Selected students from the university(48)

Dancers: Team Mudra group, IISU (16)


The Department of Fashion and Textiles, hailing from the School of Design of IIS (Deemed to be University), Jaipur, has proudly organized its 13th Annual fashion show CREATION 2024 on 28th February 2024, at Birla Auditorium Jaipur. The annual fashion show “CREATIONS” has been a platform since its inception from 2010 for students to exhibit their talents on the ramp. It aims to nurture more talents and designers.


The Chief Guest for the event was Mr. Jagdeesh Chandra, CMS First India News, The Guest of Honor for the event was Ms. Vijaylaxmi Bishnoi, Former MLA, Suratgarh, Parliamentary Secretary, Govt. of Rajasthan.



Screenshot (961).png

Screenshot (964).png

Photo: Mr. Jagdeesh Chandra

Photo: Ms. Vijay Laxhmi Bishnoi




The Judges for the show were Ms. Parul Vijayvargya, Founder,Zeba and Ms. Raghushree Poddar, Director, Cheer Sagar.


Screenshot (966).png

Screenshot (965).png

Photo: Ms. Parul Vijayvargiya

Photo: Ms. Raghushree Poddar


A total of 46 designers, 48 models, and 16 dancers contributed to the event's vibrant atmosphere. Mr. David orchestrated the choreography and music, while the models underwent a 15-day training program to enhance their modeling skills.

The designers presented their collections through engaging power point presentations, showcasing colour boards, mood boards, theme boards, storyboards, swatch boards, and working pictures, providing a comprehensive view of their creative process.


The themes of the rounds were as follows:


  1. Heritage Hues: The name originates from terracotta hues that adorn the historic building “The Red Fort”. The collection combined the grandeur of Indian culture with Indo – Western silhouettes. The silhouettes were brought to life using lustrous fabrics like satin and silk, styled in drapes, skirts and co-ord sets. The theme exhibited elegance and royalty while retaining the delicacy of each garment. It also incorporated the architectural form in ensembles using Neemzari work.



Designed by: B.Sc Fashion Design Sem IV

  1. Anjali Rawat
  2. Muskan Mittal
  3. Roshni Jain
  4. Yashika Vijay Vargiya


  1. Blue Allure: ‘Kalamkari’ is a combination of two words, ‘Kalam’ or pen and ‘Kari’ meaning craftsmanship. It’s a detailed and complicated painting that results in exquisite designs in vibrant colours. This showcase was inspired by kalamkari motifs - such as the peacock and floral designs which were applied to the fabric by screen printing. Cotton handloom fabrics in cobalt blue and white have been used to create silhouettes in A-line dresses and shrugs, with an emphasis on voluminous sleeves. The entire look was accentuated by jewellery.



Designed by: B.Sc Fashion Design Sem VI

  1. Tanishka Rathore
  2. Tanvi Anandka
  3. Mansha Jain
  4. Nisha Khatri
  5. Kritika Kumawat


  1. Cyan Echo: Witness ‘Cyan Echo’, a fusion of nostalgia and street wear. The collection artfully combined thick duck fabric embodying history, with light moss fabric evoking optimism. The designs were created using the cyan printing technique coupled with junkyard motifs.



Designed by: B.Sc Fashion Design Sem VI

  1. Elisha Jain
  2. Harshita Bansal
  3. Jahanvi Sharma


  1. Cubit Mode:‘Cubits Mode’ incorporated Pablo Picasso’s art into fashion. An amalgam of metallic and vivid colour - sequins creates a mesmerizing display of abstract art. The silhouettes were brought to life with the use of lustrous heavy satin and pleated fabric, styled in Western casual attire. The collection comprised one-piece, asymmetrical silhouettes and jumpsuits with puff sleeves, enhanced by the art of cubism with sequinned work.



Designed by: B.Sc Fashion Design Sem VI

1.Masuma Akbar

2. Riya Choudhary

3. Monica Vasnani

4. Manavi Sharma



  1. Handspun Harmony:. The collection re-imagined Khadi through a contemporary vision, presenting a range of ethnic wear, including sarees, harem pants, dhoti, anarkali suits, skirts, lehengas, tiered dresses, and layered outfits. The design - forms for the collection drew inspiration from the folksy motifs and colours from the traditional toda embroidery of the Nilgiris. Hand - block printing were used to further enhance the exquisite Khadi fabric, with garments embellished with trims and tassels.


Designed by: PG Fashion Design

  1. Khushi Garg
  2. Pinky
  3. Madhvi Sharma
  4. Pooja Jangid


  1. Denim Reborn: 'Denim Reborn,' a collection where each piece, be it a pair of jeans, a chic jacket, or a trendy handbag, was crafted with meticulous care for the environment. The collection is a harmonious blend of creativity and responsibility with style and sustainability. At its core lies denim, beloved and reborn, poised to make a statement that resonates with the current generation.


1 (4).jpg

Designed by: B.Sc Fashion Design Sem II

  1. Palak Jain
  2. Nisha Choudhary
  3. Kumkum Mishra
  4. Mahak Khatana
  5. Tamanna Khatri


  1. Nomadic Glam: The collection presented a fusion of Indo-Western silhouettes such as jackets, palazzos, blouses, sarees, lehngas, and shrugs, in georgette and satin fabric. These are embellished with cowrie shells, mirrors, metal coins, beads, and tassels, and tell the story of a people with a chequered history and ethnic identity.



Designed by: PG Fashion Design Sem II

  1. Vikasha Bai Bajaj
  2. Bhumika Dhadich
  3. Aditi Gaur


  1. Paisley Park: The collection reflected vintage art and culture in Scottish prints. The paisley pattern is characterized by a tear drop - shaped design with intricately curved motifs, often resembling a floral spray or a twisted leaf. The collection featured unusual sleeves with volume and flared patterns. In short, the paisley prints in a medley of colours such as green, yellow, pink, blue and orange, on white satin, give a whole new interpretation to Western silhouettes.



Designed by B.Sc. Semester VI

  1. Nisha Khatri
  2. Kritika Kumawat
  3. Pooja sanadhya
  4. Yakshita Yadav


  1. Frosty Fusion:  This innovative blend resulted in a winter wardrobe that not only exudes elegance but also supports sustainability. Embracing eco-conscious fashion, the collection reflected a commitment to responsible choices without compromising on style. Each piece was a testament to the symphony of classic fabrics and creative design, promising a winter ensemble that is not only chic but also environmentally mindful.



Designed by B.Sc Semester II


  1. Alkuma khan
  2. Divisha Sharma
  3. Gayatri Sharma
  4. Kashish Jain
  5. Saloni Sharma


  1. Maverick Ethos: A Kaleidoscope of Madhubani prints from Bihar and the Hippie style from Europe, in a rich and vibrant colour pallete of green, beige, black and white, is the signature look for this collection. The outfits were inspired by Madhubani motifs, complete with flouncy layers, shrugs, dhotis, beads, feathers, headbands and jewellery, to jazz up the feel and vibe of this collection.



Designed by: B.Sc Fashion Design Sem IV

  1. Bhavika Jain
  2. Bhavya Sharma
  3. Kanishka Agarwal
  4. Mantasha Khan
  5. Neha Doshi
  6. Rafiya Khan
  7. Shruti Soni


  1. Sovereign Dreamscape: This was a collection of the rich legacy of Indian craftsmanship where each piece weaves a tale of opulence and dreams. The designs redefine classic silhouettes by infusing them with a touch of ‘modern flair’, while the intricate patterns of brocade celebrate the timeless artistry of the past. The collection included various types of traditional skirts, sharara and palazzos, to give a fresh twist to the archetypal. The colour palette was infused with the vibrant hues of gemstones to lend a dreamy touch to the entire look.



Designed by: B.Sc Fashion Design Sem VI

  1. Kumodini Rajawat
  2. Mansha Jain
  3. Tanvi Anandka
  4. Tanishka Rathore
  5. Vidhi Khandelwal
  6. Diya Ranawat


Three titles were awarded; following groups were awarded with the respective awards.



Name of the Award



Innovative Urban Luxe Award

Denim Reborn


Ingenious Collection award

Blue Allure and Cubit Mode


Emerging Designer of the Year

Cyan Echo


Screenshot (972).png

Screenshot (977).png

Denim Reborn (Designers: Palak Jain, Nisha Choudhary, Kumkum Mishra, Tamanna Khatri, Mehak Khatana, B,Sc. Fashion Design Sem II)

Innovative Urban Luxe Award


Screenshot (978).png


Screenshot (979).png

Blue Allure (Designers: Tanvi Anandka, Kritika Kumawat, Nisha Khatra, Tanishka Rathore, Mansha Jain, B.Sc Fashion Design Sem VI)

Ingenious Collection award


Screenshot (981).png


Screenshot (980).png

Cubit Mode (Designers: Manavi Sharma, Monica Vasnani, Masuma Akbar, Riya Sharma, B.SC Fashion Design Sem VI)

Ingenious Collection award






Screenshot (984).png


Screenshot (986).png

Cyan Echo (Designers: Elisha Jain, Jahanvi Sharma, Harshita Bansal, B.Sc Fashion Design Sem VI)

Emerging Designer of the Year


Summary:  Students of Department of Fashion & Textiles were able to showcase their collections on the runway in front of large audience. Annual Fashion show CREATIONS’24 was ended successfully bringing laurel to the university.


Dr. Radha Kashyap                                                      Dr. Sulekha Ojha

Director, School of Design                                           Head,

                                                                                     Fashion & Textiles