Demonstration on “Computerized Embroidery”

Name of the Department: Fashion & Textiles

Name of the Activity: Demonstration on “Computerized Embroidery”

Date:  5 March 2024

Venue:  Clothing Lab

Topic on which activity was organized: Computerized embroidery techniques

No. of Participants: 33 (B.Sc Fashion Design-Sem VI, B.Sc fashion Design-Sem IV, B.Sc Fashion Design-Sem IV and M.A./M.Sc/ M.Com. Fashion Design Sem IV)

Objective of the activity (workshop/seminar/activity/Visit) – Learning the art of design through computerized embroidery machine.


The Department of Fashion & Textiles organized a demonstration on " Computerized Embroidery " on March 05, 2024, at Clothing Lab, which proved to be an enlightening and engaging event for the students. The resource persons for the workshop was Ms Saroj Bala and her respective team from USHA, Jaipur, who shared their expertise and insights on the art of creating attractive designs with computerized embroidery machine. 

Mrs Bala gave introduction about different kinds of machines such as Mechanical Embroidery Machine, Free-motion Machine, Cornely Hand-guided, Computer-Controlled Embroidery Machines, etc. After that Ms. Saroj started demonstrating on machine model “450E” which is a computer controlled machine and can be used only for embroidery. It had a screen through which one can select the design, colours, text, font, layout, motif, etc. and after selecting and finalising the draft she told the students, how to thread the machine and set the frame, within a few minutes, a beautiful design was embroidered onto the fabric by the embroidery machine.

Ms Saroj bala started the demonstration by showcasing the various examples of embroidery done with machine.

After this she proceeded to the another machine named “SkylineS9” which was also computer controlled which can be used for both embroidery and stitching. It had a in its features and an additional stitching feature. Followed then, she demonstrated the another machine model named “AllureDx” which is a free-motion machine and is manually controlled. It is not computerised and has manual setting dials for simple embroidery stitches such as zigzag, buttonhole, etc., and stitch length. It has an electronic foot pedal to manage the speed of stitching and the fabric needs to be guided with one hand. Students interacted by practicing on the machine and using different features. The workshop was very informative and interesting and the whole team from USHA was very helpful on clearing various doubts of the students. After the demonstration over students practiced on all machines and made their own designs and samples. The workshop ended with a thank-you note. 
Outcome of the activity:  

The "Computerized Embroidery" demonstration provided students with a holistic understanding of creating various embroidery samples with the help of machines. With the help of this demonstration students got to learn about the different embroidery machines which are available in the industry and the advancement of machines in today’s world. They also learnt that how technology is a huge factor in the growth of the fashion industry throughout the world and got to experience how to work with newer technologies of embroidery and sewing machine. The demonstration also helped them with their interactive skills as they repeatedly asked about their queries and doubts and it also boosted their creativity and innovation as they created various designs and got to learn various features which were very new to their knowledge. Overall, the demonstration was very helpful and it skyrocketed the students’ imagination.



Dr. Sulekha Ojha                             Dr. Aman deep kaur 

                                                         Ms Disha Thapliyal             

Head, Dept. of Fashion & Textiles                Coordinator