Demonstration on “Functioning of Advanced Sewing Machines”

Name of the Department: Fashion & Textiles

Name of the Activity: Demonstration

Date: 7th  December 2021

Venue: Draping lab

Topic on which activity was organized: “Functioning of Advanced Sewing Machines”

No. of Participants: 15 students (M.A./M.Com./M.Sc. Fashion Design, Sem- I, B.A./B.Sc./B.Com.  (GPEM ) Sem I, III & IV)

Objective of the activity: To understand the functioning of advance sewing machines.

Description: The Department of Fashion & Textiles had organized a demonstration on Flat lock, Over lock (3 thread & 5 thread), Leather sewing machine, Fabric cutting machine & computerized embroidery machines for the students of M.A/M.Sc./ semester I, B.Sc. semester V & GPEM semester I, III & IV. 

Mr. Sultan Ahmad and Mr. Saleem were the resource persons for the demonstration. They demonstrated the various functions of flat lock and over lock sewing machines which are electronic and technologically advanced models. Flat lock machine has a vast working space permits a wide range o f sewing applications and is utilized for all types of flat sewing work. It is used for sewing    swimwear, sportswear and  knitted clothes.

They demonstrated heavy fabric (leather) stitching machine. A leather sewing machine is used to stitch leather and other heavy weight fabrics. It mechanically drives a needle through leather material, stitching pieces together. While many types of heavy weight fabric sewing machines are available, most are made for use on a range of clothing fabrics. These might include heavy weight cotton, polyester, linens, muslins, etc.

They also demonstrated the working of fabric cutting machine. These machines are widely used in clothing industry; because of production speed is very high. Higher lay of height can be cut very easily. They also demonstrated computerized embroidery machine. These electronic sewing machines are mainly used for embroidery work and a dedicated embroidery presser foot is attached to the machine. Many automatic stitch patterns are available, specially designed for embroidery work.


The students practiced on all sewing machines like flat lock, over lock (5 thread & 3 thread), leather sewing machine and computerized embroidery sewing machine for stitching of knitted and heavy weight fabric and for surface embellishments. The focus of the demonstration was to learn the working procedure of all advance sewing machines so that student can use these sewing machines for the garment construction. Students found this session highly informative and useful for them.

Outcome of the activity: Student learnt the working of flat lock and over lock machine to stitch their knitted garments. They also learnt the working of fashion maker and computerized embroidery machine; with the help of computerized sewing machines complex patterns can easily stitched and any type of designs can be digitized. Students will able to know about the accurate stitches that can be adjusted as needed for different types of seaming and various decorative stitches can be done with the help of advance sewing machines.


Prof. Radha Kashyap                                                 Ms.Aman Deep Kaur           

Head, Department of Fashion & Textiles                  Teacher Coordinator