Demonstration on Usha Sewing Machine


Department of Fashion & Textiles

Report on “Demonstration”



Date: 09.02.2019

Activity: Demonstration on Usha Sewing Machine

Teacher Co-ordinator: Ms. Monika Agarwal


The Department of Fashion and Textiles organized an activity under the supervision of Mr. Umed Mal from Usha Sewing Machine, conducted a demonstration on the new upgraded Usha Sewing Machine for the students of B.Sc. Fashion Design and M.A. /M.Sc. /M.Com. Fashion Design Sem I on 09th February 2019.

Demonstration was planned to acquaint students on the features, benefits and ease in use of the industrial machines. Students were asked to try their hand on the new infrastructure and they found the working of the machines very smooth and easy to handle.

Mr. Umed Mal. brought their new updated version of the Usha Sewing Machine and demonstrated the different features in form of stitches for joining seams, embroidery, finishing and button hole making. The new features made stitching a fun activity where students could experiment with the new stitches and design patterns where required inspiring students from the department.

   The session ended with a formal thank. Students shared interest about the latest sewing machines available in the market so that their work can become easier and creative.

Dr. Radha Kashyap                                               Teacher Co-Ordinator

Head of Department Fashion and Textiles                Ms Monika Agarwal