Departmental Orientation UG/PG/GPEM 2023-24

Name of the Department: Fashion & Textiles

Name of the Activity:  Department Orientation programme UG/PG/GPEM Fashion Design.

Date: 9th August 2023

Venue:   Clothing Lab

No. of Participants:  18 (B.Sc Sem 1, PG Sem 1, GPEM)

Objective: The  departmental orientation by the Department of Fashion & Textiles aimed to introduce incoming students to their academic journey about the different courses which will help to foster them with quality education. Alumnae insight about their experiences and Interactive activities fostered students, ensuring they are well-prepared for success in Fashion & Textiles.

Description: The Department of Fashion & Textiles warmly welcomed the new batch of B.Sc Fashion Design, GPEM, and PG Fashion Design Semester 1 students to the orientation event. The day began with the traditional gesture of Tika Moli, signifying a blessed beginning to their academic journey. Dr. Radha Kashyap, Director of the School of Design, welcomed all the students and introduced them to the esteemed faculty members, each with their unique specializations, and provided insights into the department's website and credit system, and examination patterns. She emphasized the holistic learning approach and the department's commitment to nurturing creative talents.

Following this, Dr. Sulekha Ojha, the Head of the Department of Fashion and Textiles, took the stage to provide an in-depth overview of the course structure, learning outcomes, and the methodology of subject-wise evaluation. The students were guided through the academic journey ahead, ensuring they understood the expectations and opportunities that lay ahead.

In a comprehensive presentation, each faculty member elucidated different aspects of the department's functioning. Key topics covered included the timetable, classroom and laboratory locations, various departmental activities, and the activity calendar for the academic year, access to the library resources, online learning platforms, and the department's best practices. The faculty members also highlighted the upcoming annual fashion show, and the remarkable achievements of the department's outstanding alumni who have carved a niche in the industry.

The orientation not only provided information but also created an interactive platform for students to ask questions and clarify doubts. The enthusiastic engagement of the students showcased their eagerness to embark on this educational journey.

Session 2: Alumni Interaction with Ambalika Mathur

As part of the orientation event organized by the Department of Fashion & Textiles, the students had the privilege of engaging with a distinguished alumna, Ambalika Mathur, from the batch of 2021. Ambalika, who was working as designer with InDesign export, shared her valuable insights and industry experiences, shedding light on her journey since her time at the department.

She engaged the students by candidly discussing her professional journey, the challenges she encountered, and the successes she achieved.

A highlight of the session was the one-on-one interactions that students had with Ambalika. These personal exchanges provided a platform for students to seek advice tailored to their aspirations and concerns. This personalized interaction not only boosted the students' confidence but also fostered a sense of camaraderie between the current students and an accomplished alumna.

Her practical insights, shared experiences, and candid advice will undoubtedly guide the students as they progress in their academic and professional journeys. The session concluded on a positive note, leaving the students inspired and empowered to make the most of their time at the Department of Fashion & Textiles.

Session 3: Ice-Breaking Activities by Semester III and V Students

As a part of the orientation event, the Department of Fashion & Textiles organized an engaging ice-breaking session facilitated by the Semester III and V students for the fresher students. The session aimed to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for the newcomers, ensuring a smooth transition into their academic journey.

The session was filled with interactive games and activities designed to foster camaraderie, build connections, and help the freshers feel at ease among their peers. The Semester III and V students played a pivotal role in breaking the ice and encouraging interaction among all attendees.

Various engaging games were organized, such as "Pass the Glasses," "Human Knots," "Fish Pot," "Chinese Whisper," and more. These games not only brought laughter and a sense of enjoyment but also facilitated teamwork and communication skills. The Semester III and V students led the activities with enthusiasm, encouraging the freshers to actively participate and engage with their fellow students.

The ice-breaking session concluded with a sense of unity and camaraderie, as the students were able to break down barriers and get to know each other better.


The orientation program organised by the Department of Fashion & Textiles equipped incoming students with a well-rounded foundation, preparing them for excellence in their academic journey and future endeavors within the vibrant world of Fashion & Textiles.