Educational visit to Nila House and Albert Museum

Name of the  School: School of Design

Name of the Department:  Department of Fashion & Textiles

Name of the Activity: Educational visit to Nila House and Albert Museum 

Date: 29th September 2023

Venue: Nila House, C86 Prithviraj Road, C Scheme, 

 Albert Museum, Ram Niwas Bagh, Jaipur

Topic on which activity was organized: process  of making yarns, fabric, colour, Indigo Dyes and Historical perspective of the Indian textiles & Conservation

No. of Participants:  

  • B.Sc. Fashion Design (Sem-III): 15

  • M.Sc./ / M.A Fashion Design(Sem -III): 03

Objective of the activity (workshop/seminar/activity/Visit): 

To understand the making of Yarns, Fabric, Colour, Dyes and to understand the need to

conserve the authenticity of the Indian Textile.


The Department of Fashion & Textiles had organised a visit to Nila House and Albert Museum on 29th September 2023 for FD Sem III and FD Sem III students.

At Nila House, there was amalgamation of design and sustainability with use of Indigo dyes and natural fibres obtained from plants. Hand spun and hand woven khadi clothes with its cultural and environmental significance, is the embodiment of everything Nila house aspires to be to revive and preserve their collection with hand crafted textiles. Students mesmerized the work of artisans from across India i.e.  quilters, natural dyers, and printers artefacts of Rajasthan, kantha and jamdani  of West Bengal, bandhani  of Gujarat and embroideries of Kashmir. The students got the chance to interact with the weavers and also tried their hands in spinning by making yarns with cotton bales with the help of weavers. Nila house is the storage of traditional knowledge as it has small museum which preserves the Indian printed textiles and painted textiles. A separate section was there for display of different natural yarns from across the India. There were different galleries related to apparel, home furnishing, jewellery etc. The students also learnt the preparation process of indigo dyeing.

Albert Hall Museum known for its sombre collection of artefacts and a history as rich as the state  was a treat to yearning eyes for the  students of Fashion. With absolutely stunning architecture and intricate design, this museum is the pride of Jaipur with ancient artworks, manuscripts, mummies, carpets, Sculptures, jewelries, headgears, accessories, textiles of Rajasthan, pottery,  and to name a few. Beautiful garments worn by the royals had extensive use of lace work, Gota work, Bandish work, Sanganeri print, Kotadoria and other ancient styles of embroidery. Students learnt how the ancient textiles and artefacts can be contemporized in the field of fashion & Textiles and  the need to conserve the authenticity of the Indian Textile.

Outcome of the activity: 

This visit was full of learnings, understandings and exploring different Textiles and crafts of all over India for the students as they got the first-hand information and experience. This exposure will be beneficial for them for application and development of apparel and textiles and preserve India’s rich heritage of traditional craft. They also learnt how to support rural artisan communities by providing with jobs through their skill qualities.