EDUCATIONAL VISIT,Suprint Textiles(Jaipur) Pvt. Ltd., Mansarovar RIICO Industrial Area, Jaipur




Date: 10th  March 2018

Activity: Educational Visit

Venue: Suprint Textiles(Jaipur) Pvt. Ltd., Mansarovar RIICO Industrial  Area, Jaipur

Teacher Coordinator: Ms. Sudha Jain, Faculty & Mr. Tulsiram Kohli, Lab Assistant



The Department of Fashion technology had organized a visit to Suprint Textiles. The Managing Director, Mr. Tejendra Singh Sodhi greated all the students with splendor. He gave a brief introduction to his venture and motivated the students to focus on their industrial experience. The forte of the firm is in block, screen and digitally printed home textiles and garment manufacturing. The firm in Mansarovar generally develops samples through digital printing whereas the mass production takes place in Bagru, Jaipur; where the printing is done on 200ft. rotary screen printing machines.

The factory tour was lead by Mr. Vikram, who went on to take the students to their showroom. This showroom had a display of all the domestically exported products. They also have their showrooms in Civil Lines (Jaipur), Agra and Delhi. The firm develops prints for quilts, pillows, cushions, bed sheets, table top covers, ladies’ garments, sofa covers, etc. The dye used in the  



printing process is generally pigment or discharge but it varies with the type of fabric and printing technique. These products are exported for brands like Zara Home, Indisca (Cost Plus), DWBH (Nimbuki), TJAX – Bed, Bath and Beyond, etc. The firm had all the major departments i.e. designing, merchandising, embroidery, printing, cutting and sewing, CAD Lab, Spot fixing, washing and pressing.



  • The design or the print is developed manually by the designers and then digitalized by Photoshop experts. The design to be printed is taken in .tiff format(file exe. name) and print command is given to the photo print software (Print EXP). They have a 72” width machine that can print a 70” ready size fabric. The machine prints with the combination of 8 color cartridges for best color effects. Daily output of the firm is 50,000-60,000 meters of printed fabric.


  • Simultaneously, the work is done on the embroidery punching which is done on IGM WELCOM Software. They have 9 threads as well as 15 threads embroidery machine. Hand embroidery is also done as per the demand of the buyer. The firm has a total of 10 embroidery machines.
  • After the printing and embroidery has been done, the fabric is sent for cutting that is done by marking the layout on the fabric. The layout is prepared by manual pattern making and then it is digitalized on a CAD Marking Machine and plotted on a plotter paper. This paper is used as guide for the cutting process.
  • Cutting is followed by the sewing operations, where a team of 20-30 tailors stitches the final product; followed by inspection of prints, checks, labels, etc.
  • After the checking process, the product is sent for washing and pressing. After the final development the product is packed and shipped.




Dr.Radha Kashyap                                                    Teacher Coordinator

Head, Department of Fashion &Textiles                       Ms. Sudha Jain