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Extension Activity Report

Extension Activity Name: Up-cycling with Old Sarees

Date: 30/3/24 (Saturday)

Venue: Mahatma Gandhi Senior Secondary School, Hajiwala Suber Nagar, Mansarovar Extension

Target Students: 8th-10th Standard

Total Participants: 35

Introduction: An extension activity was organized at Mahatma Gandhi Senior Secondary School in Mansarovar Extension, for the students of class 8-12. The focus of this activity was to promote sustainability and creativity among students by upcycling old sarees into various useful products for day to day use. The event was facilitated by volunteers from the B.Sc. Fashion Design Semester 6 students, namely Bhavya Sharma, Neha Doshi, Neha Saini, Anushka Sharma, and Ritika Vijay.

Activity Details: The event commenced with an introductory session where the volunteers explained the concept of up-cycling and its significance in reducing waste and promoting environmental conservation. Students were encouraged to bring in old sarees from their homes for the activity.

The volunteers, along with the participating students, demonstrated various techniques for up-cycling sarees into different products. These included tote bags, round bags, thala bags, scarves, and table covers. The students were divided into groups, and each group was assigned a specific product to work on under the guidance of the volunteers.

Hands-on Session: During the hands-on session, students actively participated in cutting, sewing, and decorating the old sarees to transform them into new and attractive products. The volunteers provided assistance and guidance wherever needed, ensuring that the students understood the techniques and were able to execute them effectively.

Outcome: By the end of the activity, a variety of upcycled products were created by the students. These included colorful tote bags, stylish round bags, traditional thala bags, fashionable scarves, and vibrant table covers. The creativity and enthusiasm displayed by the students were commendable, and they were proud of their creations.


Conclusion: The extension activity on up-cycling old sarees was a resounding success, thanks to the active participation of the students and the dedicated efforts of the volunteers. Not only did it promote the importance of sustainability and recycling, but it also provided students with an opportunity to unleash their creativity and pass on to the school students. Such initiatives play a crucial role in fostering environmental consciousness and empowering students to become responsible citizens of the future. The department looks forward to organizing more such activities in the future to continue promoting sustainable practices by contributing towards the society.


Dr. Sulekha Ojha                                                      Activity Co-ordinator

Head,                                                                         Dr. Sunetra Datt

Dept. of Fashion & Textiles                                       Sr. Assistant Professor


                                                                                  Ms. Harshita Bhown

                                                                                  Assistant Professor