Extension Activity- PAN INDIA (MYSA JAIPUR)

Name of the Department: Fashion & Textiles

Name of the Activity: Extension Activity- PAN INDIA (MYSA JAIPUR) 

Duration: 15 days

No. of Participants: 2, (B.Sc. Fashion Design, Semester –V)

Objective of the activity (workshop/seminar/activity/Visit): To understand application of Content writing in Fashion communication


The Department of Fashion & Textiles hadcollaborated with PAN INDIA (MYSA JAIPUR) for an Extension Activity-with the objective tomake students learn application of fashion communication in terms content writing.


Brand MYSA is working extensively in rural areas, especially Ramsar Palawala, village 20 km near Jaipur.MYSA brand is related to contemporary crafts, designs, upcycled and sustainable range of apparel and gifting for customers around the world. It isworking for society by providing training to enhancethe designing and product development skills to rural women artisans.

Two students of the Departmentof Fashion & Textiles joined MYSA SaloniGupta and Saloni Jainas photographer & content writer. They conducted photoshoot of the products designed by the rural artisans and developed content for their website. Product Catalogue was also developed by the students. The website through which MYSA operates ishttps://mysajaipur.org/.

Overall, both the students helped the NGO contributing in the marketing process of products made by the PAN-NGO and also gained practical exposure by working in field. They also receiveda stipend of Rs. 1000/- each for their contribution.

Outcome of the activity: The students were able to learn and practice the role of fashion communication with reference to content writing and photography.


Dr. Radha Kashyap  

Head, Department of

Fashion & Textiles                       

Ms. Poorvi Agarwal

Assistant Professor, Department of

Fashion & Textiles