Fashion Competition

Name of the Department: Fashion & Textiles

Name of the Event:

Date: 18th September2021

Venue: Vivekananda Global University, Jaipur

Topic on which event was organized.  The House of Fashion (Modern Rajasthan)

No. of participants in the show:  7 students, B.Sc. Fashion Design Semester- III

Objective of the activity (Fashion Show): To provide an overview of the line development process as per the given theme for fashion show.


On 18th July 2021 a fashion show was conducted at Vivekananda Global University, Jaipur in which students of Fashion Design from different college and university participated.

A group of seven students of B.Sc. Fashion Design, Semester III, Dept. Of Fashion & Textiles, IIS (deemed to be University) Jaipur participated in Fashion Show at Vivekananad Global University, Jaipur. The students were awarded Rs. 11,000/- thousand .They presented range of  seven semi fusion garments on Indigo dyed fabric blended with Lehriya Bhandhej printed fabric.

The name of the theme was-“Neel”.The competition was divided in two stages-first stage was when the participants need to send the coloured garment illustration by 12th  September 2021 from which top 3 teams will get selected for final face off on the main event which was on 18th  September 2021.


Winner students:

S. No 

Enrolment No. 






Anjali Bohra

B.Sc. Fashion Design 

IIIrd  Semester 

IISU/ 2020/ADM/27297 

Anjali Devra

B.Sc. Fashion Design 

IIIrd  Semester 



Aditi Gaur

B.Sc. Fashion Design 

IIIrd  Semester 


Bhawna Saraswat

B.Sc. Fashion Design 

IIIrd  Semester 


Kiran Kanwer

B.Sc. Fashion Design 

IIIrd  Semester 


Manher Jot Kaur

B.Sc. Fashion Design 

IIIrd  Semester 


Vikasha Bai Bajaj

B.Sc. Fashion Design 

IIIrd  Semester 


Outcome of the activity: The participation has motivated the students. It was an encouraging great experience of presenting their designs in the main event. The students experienced market survey, cost cutting, stitching, designing and many more. Their hard work was payed of by achieving the first position in the Fashion Show.















Dr. Radha Kashyap        

Head, Department of Fashion & Textiles                                                                    

                  Ms. Poorvi Agarwal    

 Teacher Co-coordinator