Fashion Design Guild Report on “Art Medium and Drawing”


Department of Fashion & Textiles

Fashion Design Guild

Report on “Art Medium and Drawing”

Date:         31.08.2017

Venue:       GPEM Lab

Activity:    Demonstration

The Department of Fashion & Textiles conducted a Fashion Design Guild activity for all students on “Art Medium and Drawing” on 31.08.2017 in Clothing Lab. The resource person for the same was Ms. Tejashwani Rathore, B.A. Fine Arts III Sem from The IIS University, Jaipur.

             The demonstration focussed on Illustrations like effect of brushes on different type of medium using water colour, poster colour, oil paint and charcoal. She created different textures on cartridge sheet and bottle. She also shared sheets made by her with students, so the students get an idea and can create & develop various textures. They also enjoyed the demonstration and tried to make different things using oil paint and charcoal colours. The students showed their keen interest by active participation in the activity. This demonstration was very fruitful for the students as it helped them to create their own sheets with innovative style. Approximately fifty students participated in the demonstration.