Guest Lecture on Colour and Design

Name of the Department: Fashion & Textiles

Name of the activity: Guest Lecture

Date: 14/12/2021

             Venue: Clothing Lab

           Topic on which activity was organized: Colour and Design

No. of Participants: 22

Objective of the activity (workshop/seminar/activity/Visit): To enable students to understand the concept and application of colour and design according to the client.


The Department of Fashion and Textiles organized a Guest Lecture on 14th June, 2021 for the students of BSc. Fashion Design Semester I & Semester III from 12:15am to 1:15pm on “Colour & Design” in Clothing Lab. The guest lecture was delivered by Dr. Isha Bhatt, Assistant professor, Banasthali Vidyapith. The lecture was attended by 22 students of Fashion & Textiles.          

The lecture was all about the design concept and importance of colour to make a design. She enlightened the students about Creative process in designing starting from inspiration which involves research vision & Ideas generation, further leading to thinking process that involves brain storming and resulting into designing of the product. This process is used along with elements and principles of design for innovation and application of design as to create the complete look according to the theme, event, one’s personal style, ongoing trends etc. Design is what links creativity and innovation into product development. It shapes ideas to become practical and attractive in propositions for users and customers. 


She also emphasized that while designing for an individual, many things should be kept into consideration i.e., Firstly the person from whom you are designing, secondly shapes, styles, colours and moods for that particular type of design, including all requirements and limitations that are necessary to make it comfortable and functional. She also explained different types of design and psychological aspects of colours on design. According to her fashion is no longer within the bounds of clothing and dressing. It's not fair to tell a customer that this particular style or colour won't suit you, but instead give them options to choose and explore their colour and style. Inspiration for design can come from almost anywhere, at any time. It not only depends on the inspiration, but also the emotion that is connected with the inspiration.

The speaker then showed videos related to what is design for the students to understand design concept from designer point of views. At last, to make students clear about the topic, she conducted a small activity relating to the brands and their logos along with the colors for better understanding.

  As per the feedback received by the students, it was a very good learning experience, and the lecture 

  helped them in understanding clearly the design concept and importance of colours.

Outcome of the activity/event/seminar/workshop: The lecture was very fruitful for the students, as they learnt the process of design concept and importance of colour, and how the colour can be used to create different look and enhance the personality of wearer.


Prof. Radha Kashyap                                                     Dr. Sulekha Ojha     Department of Fashion & Textiles                           Teacher Co-Ordinator