Guest Lecture on "Creative Manipulation"

Guest Lecture on “Creative Manipulation”
Date: 10.09.2015
Activity: Guest Lecture
Venue: GPEM Lab

A guest lecture was organized by The Department of Fashion & Textile Technology on “Creative Manipulation” in the GPEM Lab on 10.09.2015 by Ms. Swati Malik who is an entrepreneur and a guest faculty at London Fashion School of Morocco.

Designing is a careful and knowledgeable manipulation of art according to present day need, which will increase marketability of product. The purpose of this lecture was to make students learn various innovative and creative techniques of designing. New designing techniques will help in improving aesthetic appeal and give variety to consumers. Everyone is looking for novelty and innovative ideas to create new designing pattern to produce attractive items which are essential in fashion world as said by Ms. Swati Malik

The resource person described various designing techniques like pleating, gathering, ruffles shirring blousen effect, quilting, appliqué, smocking and tucks etc. Ms. Swati Malik emphasized that to create innovative designs everything is inspiring for us and also said to always focus on techniques, speaker made the students aware that something innovative can be created by using layers and layers and different types of elements but emphasis should be on one element that you want to show.

The resource person very well explained the role of designing and ways to change the style and also added how something new can be created by old thing like Niwar & Broad synthetic ribbon etc. Overall, the resource person was able to encourage the students how they can use their own ideas and create some creative work which will help them to reach the new heights in field of designing.

 All staff members of department and 60 students of Graduation and Post Graduation of Department of Fashion & Textile Technology attended the lecture. A round of question and answers, about designing prospects in the field of fashion design, trends and challenges in creative design wrapped up the enlightening session.