Industrial Visit: Screen and Block Printing

School of Design

Department of Fashion and Textiles

Report on Industrial visit 

Name of the Department

Fashion & Textiles

Name of the Activity

Industrial Visit


19th October 2023


Khushbu Screen Art & Fab India ,Nagar Nigam Sanganer, Jaipur

Topic on which activity was organized

Screen and Block Printing 

No. of Participants/Beneficiaries:

11students of B.Sc. Fashion Design V Semester

Objective of the visit:

The main objective of the industrial visit was to provide students with practical exposure to the processes involved in screen and block printing within the textile industry. This visit aimed to enhance their understanding of these traditional crafts and their applications in the real world.


Department of Fashion & Textiles had organized an industrial visit toKhushbu Screen Art andFab India” for the students of B.Sc. Fashion Design Vth Semester on 19th October 2023.

Students had on an insightful industrial visit to two renowned textile printing units Khushbu Screen Art, and Fab India. The visit provided valuable insights into screen frame development and block printing, as well as the techniques involved in these traditional crafts.

In Khushbu Screen Mr. Purshotam Khatri, Manager guided the students about the different steps involved in doing screen printing such as fabric pasting on frame, blue coating, ink printing, screen exposing, washing, finishing and drying. He further explained to students about the various steps involved in the manufacturing of screen frame starting from the nylon fabric to the finished screen. Students further learned the functions and importance of computerized black ink printing machines used in the screen frame preparation according to the current scenario and demand. 

Students visited the Fab India where they explored block printing process. Mr. Vineet Saini, the owner, provided comprehensive knowledge into various types of printing blocks i.e. dutta/patta for solid colour border, gadd for fill colour rekh for outline blocks and he also demonstrated how to prepare printing paste according to various colour shades. This included techniques for achieving rapid color and discharge colour effects. 

The visit to the printing industries was a great exposure for the students in terms of learning about machinery and process in the field of printing. The industrial visit was a rich learning experience, shedding light on the intricate processes involved in screen and block printing. It allowed students to witness the craftsmanship and artistry behind these textile traditions.

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Outcome of the Visit:

The visit provided students with insights into the process of screen and block printing and also highlighting the roles of industry owners and the significance of craftsmanship and innovation in the field. Industrial visit allowed them to bridge the gap between theory and real-world application and appreciate the artisanal skills involved in these traditional crafts. The students can now apply the knowledge gained with this practical exposure into product development according to the latest trends. 

Dr. Sulekha Ojha

Head, Fashion & Textiles

Dr. Vipin Kumari

Teacher Coordinator