Jury for fashion show

Name of the Department: Fashion & Textiles

Name of the Activity: Jury for fashion show

Date: 17th November, 2021

Venue: Draping lab

Topic on which activity was organized: Fashion show jury

No. of Participants: 60 students (B.Sc. Fashion Design, Sem-I, III, V & M.A./ M.Com./ M.Sc. Fashion Design, Sem- I & III & COSD students)

Objective of the activity: To judge the ideas of students for the fashion show and brief about the design process.


The Department of Fashion and Textiles invited Ms Vedika Gupta, Fashion designer and stylist at Arte Ropa in Jaipur, as a jury member for the participants of the Annual Fashion Show CREATIONS 2022. It was an interactive session between the jury member and the participants, where the students introduced their ideas, concepts for their line for the fashion show to the jury. They talked about their inspiration, story, color palette and silhouettes for the same.




The jury critically judged each group in terms of their inspiration, design ideas and its scope in terms of their participation in the Annual Fashion Show. She motivated the students and gave positive feedbacks so as to help them refine their collection. Judging was not limited to garments in terms of fashion, but the jury focused on design and accessories as well because In fashion, aesthetics, presentation, design and other qualities are also considered.



Based on the discussion and valuable comments given by Ms Vedika Gupta the tentative twelve groups of designers were selected and they asked to come with one & two garments along with all accessories & props for Annual Fashion show CREATIONS 2022. It was an excellent exposure for fashion design students. 

Outcome of the activity: Fashion shows play a vital role in conveying recent fashion trends. Nothing is constant in fashion. Designs and styles keep changing. Fashion shows help in creating interest among the public to spread awareness about new arrivals in design and style. These shows help to draw public attention.

From this jury meet, which was highly inspirational, participants got to learn that how they can forecast trends and they attend trade shows or visit manufacturers to select fabrics and trims for creation of range of garments. Participant designer also got to know that fashion designers aim at inspiring the target audience and through fashion shows, fashion designers can express their creative skills and talent in designing. The individual talent of student designers is exposed and they get an opportunity to promote their creations.

Prof. Radha Kashyap                                                    Dr. Aman deep kaur     Head, Department of Fashion & Textiles                  Teacher Co-coordinator