Mock Interview

School of Design

Department of Fashion & Textiles

Mock Interview Session Report

Date/Day: 01/02/2024, Thursday

Time: 1:00 pm onwards

Venue: Draping Lab

Participants: B.Sc. Fashion Design Sem. VI and MA/M.Sc./M.Com Fashion Design Semester IV (15)

Resource Person: Dr. Vaishali Gupta, Placement officer

The Mock Interview Session was organized with the primary objective of enhancing the interview skills of the students enrolled in B.Sc. Fashion Design Semester VI and MA/M.Sc./M.Com Fashion Design Semester IV. This initiative aimed to equip the students with the necessary tools and confidence to excel in real-world professional interviews.

Students were encouraged to arrive prepared with updated Curriculum Vitae (CV) to present their academic and extracurricular achievements effectively.

Emphasis was placed on ensuring that digital portfolios were ready for showcasing to provide a comprehensive overview of the students' capabilities and accomplishments.

Students were advised to dress appropriately for the professional setting, with business casual or formal attire recommended. This aspect aimed to instill the importance of presenting oneself professionally during interviews.

Following the Mock Interview Session, Dr. Vaishali Gupta, the Placement Officer, took the initiative to provide individualized comments to each student, offering constructive feedback, encouragement, guidance, and support tailored to their performance and needs. Her comments aimed to motivate students to continue refining their interview skills and pursuing their professional aspirations with confidence. Dr. Gupta's insights served as invaluable resources, empowering students to recognize their strengths, address areas for improvement, and navigate the job market effectively. Her commitment to fostering student success highlighted the dedication of the placement office in facilitating students' transition into the professional world, ensuring they are well-prepared to seize future opportunities and achieve their career goals.

Conclusion: The Mock Interview Session provided an invaluable opportunity for students to refine their interview skills, gain confidence, and better prepare themselves for the transition into the professional world. By adhering to the guidelines and actively participating in the session, students were poised to make the most of this enriching experience.

Best wishes were extended to all participants for a successful and rewarding Mock Interview Session, with hopes that the insights gained would contribute to their future success in their careers.

Dr. SulekhaOjha                                                      Faculty Co-ordinator

Head, Department of Fashion and Textiles             Ms. HarshitaBhown