Modelling Auditions for CREATIONS'23

Name of School: School of Design

Name of the Department: Fashion & Textiles

Name of the Activity:  Modelling Auditions, CREATIONS’23

Date: 4th-5th -6th September’23

Venue:  Back Stage

No. of Participants:  150 students

Description/Summary: For the Modelling auditions for the annual fashion show "CREATIONS'23" all the interested students were instructed to follow the dress code, which was T-shirt, denims and heels.   

Day 1 - September 4, 2023:On the first day of auditions for "CREATIONS '24," organized by the Department of Fashion and Textiles, there were a total of 52 students who registered to participate.

Student volunteers from the department and teacher coordinators efficiently managed the audition process.

Day 2 - September 5, 2023:On the second day, professional modeling choreographer David Emcee conducted auditions.His expertise added a new dimension to the event, drawing in more participants.

The total number of registrations increased steadily throughout the day.

Day 3 - September 6, 2023: David Emcee continued to oversee auditions on the third day.

The final day saw a significant surge in registrations, bringing the total to around 150 participants.

The collaborative efforts of student volunteers and teacher coordinators ensured the smooth execution of auditions throughout the three-day event.

After the rigorous auditions spanning three days, a total of 60 talented models were selected to participate in the Modelling workshop for "CREATIONS '24." These individuals demonstrated exceptional potential and were chosen to refine their skills and prepare for the annual fashion show, CREATIONS’23. Their selection marks a significant milestone in the journey towards creating a spectacular and memorable event. The workshop promises to be an invaluable experience for these aspiring models as they receive guidance and training to shine on the runway during the fashion show.

Overall, the auditions for "CREATIONS '24" showcased a growing interest in the annual fashion show, with a substantial increase in registrations thanks to the presence of the professional choreographer and the dedicated support of the department's volunteers and coordinators.