National Seminar on Sustainable Fashion: Creating Global Vision

Department of Fashion & Textiles

National Seminar


Sustainable Fashion: Creating Global Vision


Date:         15th -16th Sept,2017

Activity:   National Seminar

 Venue :     ISIM, Mansarovar, Jaipur

Seminar Convener:  Dr. Radha  Kashyap


Sustainability, Go Green and Eco Fashion are popular mantras in today’s world. The need for sustainable fashion arises due to changes in climate, scarcity of resources, poor economic conditions of workers and ever evolving consumer behaviour.  In order to explore and resolve sustainable issues in the fashion industry the Department of Fashion and Textiles organized this two day National Seminar on “Sustainable Fashion: Creating Global Vision”.

The Seminar received an overwhelming response. Over 220 delegates registered from all over India. Besides Rajasthan, there were participants from West Bengal, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. 66 abstracts were accepted for the Seminar from students, research scholars and faculty members. There were 14 oral presentations and 52 poster presentations. The inaugural session was followed by 5 technical sessions spread over two days, each chaired by luminaries from the field of Fashion & Textiles.


Inaugural Session

The inaugural session of the seminar commenced with lighting of the lamp. Dr. Ashok Gupta formally welcomed all the guests and delegates. He announced that the intent of this seminar was to provide academicians and researchers, a platform to discuss issues related to environmental and socio-economic aspects of Sustainable Fashion.

 This was followed by address by Prof. N.K Jain. He made a point of overconsumption of clothing which is contributing towards unsustainability. Following his address, Ms. Anita Ahuja, the Keynote speaker emphasized the importance of Sustainable Fashion at the inaugural session. Ms. Anita Ahuja   explained how discarded waste can be transform and sold in high end retail outlets.The inaugural session ended with a formal vote of thanks.

Technical Session I

The theme of the first Technical Session was Sustainable Luxury Fashion. It was chaired by Prof. Inderpal Rai from Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur. The speaker, Dr. Suruchi Mittar, Director of Learning and Development Culture, Appster, Delhi, stressed the importance of social responsibility in design.

She addressed the audience to be aware of design consequences and address issues related to social impact by design.

This session was followed by the presentation made by Ms. Anita Ahuja on Sustainable Fashion: Creating Global Vision. She explained her journey of launching of her brand Lifafa and products made from waste. She explained the importance of promotion through social media. She pointed out that the key challenge in making upcycle products rather than recycling.

It was followed by group photographs session of all guests and delegates, and participants and volunteers. After which lunch was served.

Technical Session II

The theme of the second Technical Session was Textile and Apparel Waste. The session was chaired by Prof. Anjali Karolia from The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda.  The invited speaker, Dr. Ela Manoj Dedhia, Head, Nirmala Niketan College of Home Science, and Mumbai identified factors influencing disposal of clothes. Her presentation focused on adoption of desired practices for Textile Recycling. She explained recycling in terms of pre and post consumer waste.

Her speech was followed by three oral presentations on eco friendly dyeing, creating sustainable accessories and awareness of students towards eco friendly garments.


Technical Session III

Sustainability: The Future Fashion was the theme of the third technical session which was chaired by Dr. Ruby Jain from University of Rajasthan. The invited speaker for the session was Prof. Inderpal Rai and her topic was Sustainable Fashion: A growing trend. Her talk focused on the threats caused by Textile and Apparel Industry.  She discussed the solutions for promoting Sustainable Fashion.

This session was followed by five Oral Presentations. The presentations were on Smart Textiles, Reducing Environment Impact of the Use Phase, Microencapsulation, Sustainable Fashion Curriculum, Fair Trade Textiles.


Technical Session IV

Day 2 started with the fourth technical session which was on Emerging Design Strategies. Dr. Ela Manoj Dedhia chaired the session and the invited speakers were Dr. Ruby Jain from University of Rajasthan and Prof. Nien Siao from Arch Academy of Design, Gurgaon.

Dr. Ruby Jain put forth her opinion about the subject of Rethinking Textiles and used case studies to support her presentation. She emphasized on Sustainable Design System, adoption of slow fashion, revaluation of mending skills and reduction of carbon foot print. She also suggested way, an individual could contribute in this regard.

Prof. Siao discussed issues related to Emerging Design Strategies for Fashion Design & Business. She informed about the role of consumers in Sustainable Fashion and role of designers in sustainability. She stressed the need for collective efforts to appreciate sustainability as a way of life, a fact that deserves to be understood and accorded importance not just as a trend or passing phenomenon in the Fashion Journey but as a necessity.

The session was followed by five Oral Presentations. The Presentation were on Maternity wear, Natural Dyes, Developing Eco- friendly Fabric, Impulsive Buying Behavior, Khadi with a Rogan Connection.

After the fourth technical session, presenters put forth their point of views on varied areas related to sustainability. The Poster Presentations were followed by lunch.

Technical Session V

The concluding session was based on the theme of Indian Textiles and Fair Trade Practices which was chaired by Prof. Nien Siao. The featured speakers for this session were Prof. Anjali Karolia and Ms. Raj Kanwar, Textile Designer, Entrepreneur and Proprietor from ‘OJJAS’ Jaipur.

Prof. Karolia spotlighted the strengths of handmade products, stressing the exploration of local resources, promoting local marketing and sensitizing consumers to Sustainable Fashion. She advocated the need to reexamine the trends, to identify weaknesses of hand crafted textiles and to initiate measures for its improvement.

The second speaker, Ms. Raj Kanwar set forth the importance of Ethical and Fair Trade Practices. She emphasized the role of consumers to support sustainable practices so as to minimize environmental footprint.

Valedictory session started with the report presentation by Dr. Radha Kashyap, Seminar Convener. Two participants were invited to share their experiences. Dr. Jignasa Shah and Ms. Nidhi Gupta    gave their feedback and generously thanked the organizers, participants and resource persons. Invited speakers were also invited to share their experiences. Thereafter prizes for Oral presentations and Poster presentations were given.

In the oral presentations first prize was given to Ms. Anushree Jaiswal , second to Dr. Renu Jain and third to Ms. Manisha Saji. In poster presentations first prize was won by Dr. Deepali Singhee, second prize was awarded to Ms. Akshita Agarwal and third to Ms. Shikha Dashora, consolation prizes to Ms. Shruti Singh and Ms. Shuchi Mehta. The seminar concluded with address by Prof. N K Jain, and vote of thanks by Ms. Isheeta Chaturvedi.   

To conclude, the Seminar has thrown light on many areas of sustainable fashion and is sure to instigate constructive actions and positive changes.


Dr. Radha Kashyap                                                   

Head, Dept of Fashion & Textile Technology