Orientation Report (2019-20)

IIS (deemed to be UNIVERSITY)


Orientation Report



Day 1

IIS deemed to be University started the academic year 2019-20 by organizing an orientation programme ABHINANDAN 2019 on Monday, 8th July at the ICG campus in the Vinayak Hall. The programme was divided into various sessions. It began at 9:00am with an introductory session wherein Professor Ila Joshi, Head Department of Home Science interacted with the parents.


Tikka-moli ceremony was organized to welcome the new students, and the session began with the university prayer followed by the welcome message, from the honorable Vice Chancellor, Dr. Ashok Gupta.



Then, a presentation of a virtual tour of the campus was given by Dr. Ruchi Goswami, Associate Professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication. This was followed by presentation of introduction of faculty members of respective departments by Dr. Anubha Jain, Associate Professor  & Head, Dept. of Computer Science & IT.


This session was followed by the session wherein Professor Roopa Mathur, Dean, Academics, IIS deemed to be University explained the students about the systems and operations of the university. Dr. Rimika Singhvi (Head, Department of English) took over the session and elaborated further on COSD, various other short-term courses and BEC offered by the university.


The last session of Day 1 was conducted by Professor Nisha Yadav, Controller of Examination, IIS deemed to be University. She explained the students about the assessment and evaluation criteria followed by the university. The programme was concluded with the campus visit in which students were taken to their respective departments/ classrooms/ labs/ campus visit, etc.


Day 2

The second day began with a motivational talk by Mr. Kapil Dixit on the importance of leading life happily. This session was followed by screening of short films and documentaries.


Then students were taken to the draping lab where they had a guest lecture with Ms. Tanu Lalwani, Fashion Entrepreneur. She gave an introduction on careers in Fashion streams.  After lunch break the students were brought in Clothing Lab, where fun activities were conducted by Students of B.Sc. Semester III & V, Department of Fashion and Textiles. 


After this activity, the students were brought back to the Vinayak Hall for the session related to Extra and Co- curricular activities by Dr. Shilpi Rijhwani. Next session was conducted by Prof. Deepa Pareek, Dept. of Economics. She briefed the students about Library rules and regulations. Then, Ms. Ridhsidh Singh explained students about the facility provided by IIS (deemed to be University) for preparation of Civil Services.


Day 3

The third day of the orientation began with an inspirational session conducted by Prof. Satish K. Batra Deputy Director cum Advisor, BhartiyaVidhya Bhavan, Jaipur Kendra and also a motivational speaker with more than 45 years of experience. He inspired the students to live freely and to dream big without any fear.


After this lecture, students were directed towards the Draping Lab, where Prof. Radha Kashyap Head, Dept. of Fashion and Textiles gave detailed information about the course structure, credit system, examinations scheme and activities conducted in Department. She also introduced the students with various faculty members of the department.


The students were taken back to the Vinayak Hall, where they attended sessions on:

  • Metacampus by Ms. Harshita Bhargava
  • Placement & Training by Dr. Shivi Saxena
  • DO’S and DON’TS in university campus by Dr. Radhika Sharma
  • Healthy Practices by Dr. Roopam Kothari


After this session, students were given a short lunch break. After break, an ice breaking activity was organized by students of the Fashion & Textiles department, where new students interacted with seniors as well as with faculty members of the department.

At the end of the third day, students submitted the feedback form for the three-day orientation programme.

Prof. Radha Kashyap                            

Head, Dept. of Fashion & Textiles


Ms. Isheeta Chaturvedi