Report on “Personal Styling”


Report on “Personal Styling”


Date: 8th August 2017

Activity: Personal Styling 

                Venue: Clothing lab


The Department of Fashion and Textiles organized a guest lecture on Personal Styling the speaker for the day was  Ms Kanika Chaudhary, Bienmode, a styling startup in New Delhi, for the students of COSD Fashion Designing.

Ms. Kanika Chaudhary started her presentation with first explaining to the students the meaning and principles of fashion styling. She explained how illustration can be created. She talked about the importance of identifying different body types and dressing according the different body types so as to highlight the good features and hide problems area.


She further gave tips on styling and importance of accessories. She explain how accessories and clothing plays a significant role  in an outfit. Just like clothing, certain accessories are appropriate for certain occasions and planning the right accessory for the right garment is one of the main focus areas of styling. She further discussed importance in research in designing.


Dr. Radha Kashyap                        Teacher co-coordinator: Ms. Aditi Singh

Head, Dept. of Fashion & Textiles                              Ms. Monika Agarwal