Report on Educational Visit


Department of Fashion & Textile Technology

Report on Educational Visit-Suprint Export House


Date:     23rd March 2017

Activity: Educational Visit

Venue : Suprint Export House,Manserover,

RIICO.Ind. Area, Jaipur

Teacher Coordinator : Mrs.Sudha Jain

The Department of Fashion Technology had organised a visit to an export house at "Suprints Exports". It was a huge place where textile production takes place at large scale which is then supplied globally.

It was a suitable place for one to understand the whole production process of home textiles and garments as there were many different departments for different processes.

The first place to be visited  was the showroom, where variety of home textiles products having different techniques on different fabrics was showcased.

Different techniques of products and their application were displayed. During visit some observation were noted .

Digital Printing: -Products having digital printing are designed without the restriction colour limit.-The Reactive and Pigment dye are used  for this printing.-It also includes the photography prints. -Articles included: cushion covers

Screen Printing:

-The designer screens are created for developing the designs.

-Golden and Silver colours are commonly used for this.

-Lamination of the fabric is done to achieve the print on it.

-Articles include: Bed sheets and pillow covers.

Block Printing:

-The wooden blocks are carved as per the desired designs.

-Blocks are dipped in colour and then placed on the fabric to get the design.

-Nephthol  printing is used here.

-Article includes: Quilts


-Hand and Machine embroidery are used in different articles.

-The design is scanned in the computer and then the threads are arranged as per the desired colour in the machine.

-Articles includes: cushions and pillow covers.

•Patch worked and Smocking techniques were also used at different furnishing  articles.


*Colour Matching Machine:

This machine is used to get the exact colour as the sample is put under different radiative lights, for the same.So it helps to achieve the perfection in colour while dyeing or printing.

  *Digital Printing Machine:

The process followed as:

-The design is set under software and the repeat is set accordingly.

-The fabric which has to print is put under machine.

-The Reactive colours are used and are first checked before printing.

-Then the machine is operated and is ready to work according to the given command.

-Once the printing is done, it is then steamed and washed to check the colour bleed.

-This whole process of digital printing was shown practically to us


~ Cutting and Stitching Department:

The fabrics are cut and then passed to the stitching department. Machines : overlock and interlock machines, zigzag machines were used for the production .~Department of Checking, Packaging,   and Thread Cutting were also so maintained well there where the final inspection takes place and the products are packed and are ready for transportation. ~Designing department

and merchandising 

Outcome of visit

Overall learning was good interims of understanding the various printing methods and its productions

Dr.Radha Kashyap                                                Teacher Coordinator

Head, Dept. of Fashion &Textile Technology           Mrs. Sudha Jain