Report on Fashion Activity : Dress me up/Peral Academy

Department of Fashion & Textiles

Report on Fashion Activity

Date:  18th January 2019

Activity:  Dress me up/Peral Academy

Venue: Draping Lab

Teacher coordinator: Ms. Poorvi  Agarwal

A workshop was conducted for students of B.Sc. Fashion Design- Sem II and M.A./M.Com./M.Sc. Fashion Design –Sem II students, aiming to bring clarity and motivations towards new ways of enhancing creativity and give a  higher arena for careers. The workshop begins with a brief introduction by Ms. Puja Arya, fashion design faculty and renowned fashion designer, Pearl Academy, Jaipur.

She gave a glimpse of her fashion journey, as starting from NIFT Delhi as a student, to dealing with designers abroad and participating in eminent fashion shows across the country and more.

In the interactive session, students were curious to know about her fervor and how she created unique identity, and how to embark on journey of success.

Moreover, she emphasized on the importance of exposing student to different cultures worldwide. She told students, how Indian designers  like Mr. Gaurav Gupta, alumnus of Central Saint Martin’s College, London are changing the definition of fashion in the country.

Mr. Santosh Anand , faculty of fashion,  Pearl Academy,Jaipur presented some wonderful yet easy to follow  ways to bring the very needed  creativity in the work. A fun activity was performed where students has to drape fabrics on the mannequin in unconventional way. Mr. Anand, himself showed students how they can play with the fabric and enjoy the process, rather just copying down from any other place.

Later, he interacted with each group individually on what was missing in the created looks and how they can experiment more and improve.

Dr. Radha Kashyap                                     Ms. Poorvi Agarwal

HOD, Dept. of Fashion & Textiles                 Teacher Coordinator