Report on Fashion Quiz

Department of Fashion & Textiles


Report on Fashion Quiz


Date:   20 March 2018 

Activity:  Fashion Quiz

Venue:  Clothing Lab

Teacher Coordinator: Ms. Poorvi Agarwal , Ms. Ankita Gupta


A quiz was organised by the Dept. of  Fashion and Textiles on 20th March 2018 for all the students of the department. Sixty five students participated in the quiz. Students had shown keen interest in the activity. The students were divided into 3 groups. There were five rounds which were as follows:

  1. In first round, the students had to recognize the brand name from the taglines illustrated by the convener. Each team would get 5 points for a right answer and 2 negative points for a wrong answer.




  1. This round was followed by a logo reorganization contest, where logos of various fashion brands were displayed on the projector. Team had to identify the brand.
  2. The third round was an illustration dumb charades. One member from the team had to pick a chit and illustrate the logo or something related to that brand on the board and the respected team had to guess the brand name.
  3. The fourth round included A-Z fashion brands names. Students had to write the brand names in alphabetical order.
  4. Fifth round was Audio Recognization to be identified by the group members.


The purpose of the quiz was to check general awareness regarding various fashion brands and related products amongst  the students.  Group A was the winning team and Group B came II.




Dr. Radha Kashyap                                            Ms. Poorvi Agarwal  &

                                                                              Ms. Ankita Gupta


Head, Dept of Fashion & Textiles                     Teacher Coordinators