Report on Guest Lecture" Apparel Production Process"



Department of Fashion & Textiles

Report on Guest Lecture" Apparel Production Process"

 Activity: Guest Lecture

Venue:   A 502

Date:13th February 2020


A guest lecture was planned for the student of B.Sc. Fashion Design, Semester IV,VI& M.A/M.Sc./M.Com Fashion Design Semester -IV on 13th February 2020 by the Department of Fashion & Textiles.Mr. Sunil Bhatnagar, Entrepreneur and Soft Skill Trainer, Jaipur briefed the students about the apparel production process required for apparel industry.



Mr. Bhatagnar guided students’ to improve their practical skills and emphasized the importance of discipline in working and the importance of time management in the industry. He explained  the garment production sequential processes such as laying, cutting, bundling finishing and checking. He described the apparel production process from raw materials to finished products.




He also revealed the strengths of Indian Textile sector and highlighted that Indian has a notable variety of textiles and fabrics. He also shared the challenges and weakness such as lack of proper attention by the government and lack of proper resources which lead to import of various materials that curbs the potential that we have in India.

He furtherquestioned the sustainable approaches in the field of fashion and clothing. Overall the lecture was very informative and interactive.




Dr. RadhaKashyap                                                           Ms. Poorvi Agarwal

Head, Dept of Fashion & Textiles                                     Teacher Coordinator