Report on Historic & Present Scenario of Fashion

Department of Fashion & Textiles

Report on Historic & Present Scenario of Fashion


Date:     03rd February 2018

Activity:  Guest Lecture on

Venue :  Vinayak Hall, IISU University, Jaipur 

Teacher Coordinator :  Ms. Poorvi  Agarwal  


 A guest lecture was organized by the Dept. of  Fashion and Textiles for the undergraduate & postgraduate students. The invited speaker was Mr. Somesh Singh, who is professionally a Fashion Designer and co-founder of Craft Village, New Delhi.

He is an alumna of National Institute of Fashion Technology. Mr. Somesh Singh discussed about the evolution of design in terms of history and contribution of Christian Dior’s The New Look in 1947.

He mainly discussed about the three points 

  • Creativity in Fashion
  • Fashion Industry and
  • Opportunities in the field of fashion

He made the students understand about the originality, uniqueness, and nobleness about being creative. He discussed about the fashion industry, how it was flourished, and the biggest change in last 200 years. He also briefed  about

various societal issues and how a promising designer can contribute to the society and community by their work.

He suggested some books, which mainly consist of reading like ‘Pattern Making’, ‘Concept to Consumer’.

Mr. Somesh Singh had  interaction with students  in which many students asked their queries .He also guided students to make CITY AS THEIR CLASSROOM i.e., never limit oneself within one place but try to explore and grab the opportunities. 


Dr. Radha Kashyap                                              Ms. Poorvi Agarwal     

Head, Dept of Fashion & Textiles                               Teacher Coordinator