Report on Industrial Visit

Department of Fashion & Textiles

Report on Industrial Visit


Date:     24th September 2018

Activity: Industrial Visit

Venue : Rainbow Export House, RIICO Industrial Area, Mansorovar Jaipur

Teacher Coordinator : Dr. Preeti Singh

Lab Assistant: Mr. Tulsiram

The Department of Fashion & Textiles had organised a visit to Rainbow Export House on 24th September 2018 for the students of B.Sc. Fashion Design Semester III. The main objective behind the visit was to make the students aware about the various activities related to printing, embroidery followed by garment production. As soon as the students reached Rainbow export house, there, students were divided in two groups and were send to explore the different sections of the garment industry. They were guided by Mr. Devendra, Manager who briefed the students about the various steps involved in the manufacturing of garments, starting from the grey fabric. The Rainbow Export House basically deals with all types of cotton fabrics and is involved in production of apparel. The unit is catering to U.K, Japan etc.

The students were introduced to various sections related to garment industry like:

1). Store section- All the fabric have been stored and maintained through quality control measures.

2). Embroidery section- The automated embroidery machines were working as per the standard designs given to them through the software.

3). Pattern making & Drafting section- Work was divided into sections and both methods manually as well as computerized were followed. For manual, the pattern master constructs the patterns where as for the computerized through software CAD was used to construct the pattern.

4). Cutting section- In this section all the paper drafting are being traced on the fabric and then cut through the cutting machine, which cut the number of fabric layers at a time.

5). Stitching & Finishing section- Under this all the elements of the garments were stitched and finished according to the given design. The fasteners section of the industry had variety of laces and braids which they use in garment embellishments.

It was a beneficial visit for the students as they interacted with the workers and gained practical knowledge about garment production right from the fabric to finished product.

Dr. Radha Kashyap                                             Dr. Preeti Singh

Head, Department of Fashion &Textiles              Teacher Coordinator