Research Methodology


Report on “Research Methodology”


Date:  04.02.2016

Venue: AV Hall

Resource Persons: Dr. Kavita Marriya, Retired Principal & Professor Government College, Chandigarh




The Department of Fashion and Textile Technology had organised a workshop on “Research Methodology”. The resource person was Dr. Kavita Marriya. The target group for the workshop were BFT VI Sem, MFT II & IV Sem.


The session commenced at with Prof. Marriya’s presentation on the process and steps to be followed for research project. She focussed the presentation on selection of research topic, importance of research design, sample selection and data collection methods. She further explained the need of research design and how the society will be beneficiary by it.


Once the students were equipped with the required inputs for research methodology, Dr. Kavita Marria started the practical workshop activity. She divided the total number of students in eight groups with six students each.


By understanding the concept of research students were asked to note the topics of their interest for research projects. Every student from each group suggested their topic out of those six topics, one best topic was selected by different groups with pros and cons of topic selection. All the students were asked to vote the best topic except the one they had selected for their group.


With the chosen research topics, the group had to present their perspective and scope of their research topic. Group B, group A and group D were adjudged I, II, III winners respectively with the following topics.


  1. Comparative Study towards Branded & Non Branded Apparel
  2. Development of Jute bags (with appliqué technique & gond art)
  3. Role of advertising in Marketing


The workshop was an amazing experience that helped the students to improve their thinking process from the perspective of research through excellent team spirit. They made efforts to put their ideas to generate the best outcome of their Research topics. Students look forward to many such activities.

The workshop will help the students in their upcoming seminar and research work.