Tie and Dye(Shibori) Workshop with AIS

Name of the Department:  Fashion & Textiles

Date:   28/7/2023

Time and duration:   2 hours

Venue:  A 401

Resource Person with affiliation:  Dr. Sunetra Datt and Ms. Neetu Saini

Topic on which activity was organised:  Tie & Dye (Shibori)

Number of Participants:   32 Students and 8 Teachers

Objective of the Workshop/Seminar/Activity:  To make the students aware and impart knowledge about the Tie & Dye technique processes.

 Overall Report of the activity: 

The Department of Fashion and Textiles organized a tie-dye workshop for the students of the American Institute of Indian Studies. The resource person for the workshop was Dr. Sunetra Datt. The workshop commenced with a brief introduction to tie-dye history and significance as an art form. Dr. Sunetra Datt demonstrated a variety of techniques for folding the fabric i.e. twisting, pleating, knotting, or crumpling with string and rubber bands` to create different type of effect. She further explained the various materials and dyes used in the process. The students were divided into four groups, with 8 in each group. The students were encouraged to experiment with different tieing techniques to create patterns accordingly. The workshop was very fruitful for the students, and they learned the process of two colour dyeing techniques enthusiastically. At the end of the workshop, all the tie-dyed samples were displayed in a dyeing lab.


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Outcome of the workshop:

 The students enthusiastically participated in the Tie & Dye workshop. This workshop was very fruitful for the students, as it helped them to create their own designs by innovating. Students learned different Tie & Dye techniques and textures.