Traditional Indian Textiles: Bhartiya Bhasha Diwas

Name of the Department: Hindi &Fashion & Textiles

Name of the Activity: Traditional Indian Textile Competition

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Date: 7th December’ 2022

Venue:  AV Hall

Topic on which activity was organized:

The Department of Fashion & Textiles in collaboration with the Department of Hindi organized a competition on Traditional Indian Textile on the occasion of “भारतीयभाषादिवस”.

A total of 63 students participated in the competition. The students were from all the departments of the university. The student wears a traditional dress such as Kashmir, lehriya, patola,bhandej, chickankari, kantha, madhubani, kalamkari, gotapatti,phulkari, Ajrakh,jajrakh, and chanderi. All participants presented the dress and spoke about its textile. The judges evaluate the participants based on their attire, styling, and presentation. After the fashion show, a traditional textile documentary was screened for students. The judges of the event were Prof. Lilla Joshi, Dean, Faculty of Art & Social Sciences, and Dr. ShipliRajwani, Associate Professor, Dept. of Botany. They announced the first Mansha Jain, the second GargiPoonia, the third Aditi Gaur, and consolation prizes for Jahanvi Sharma, Pooja Chaudhary, and Chahat Jain. The judges were motivating the students and appreciating the traditional garments they were wearing. This was followed by a few words of encouragement by Prof. T. N. Mathur, VC, IISU. The aim of the competition was to spread awareness of Indian traditional textiles and costumes, to give students a platform where they could learn about their heritage and also showcase their creative talents.

Outcome of the activity:

Students got an opportunity to learn and share knowledge on Indian textiles from various states. This activity boosted their confidence and gave them exposure to the varied and rich culture of India.