Visit: Jute Product Development

School: School of Design

Name of the Department:  Department of Fashion & Textiles

Name of the Activity: Visit Jute Product Development

Date: 26th August 2023

Venue: 29 jai krishan colony, sun hospital Tonk Phatak Jaipur

Topic on which activity was organized: Jute Unit

No. of Participants:  

  • B.Sc. Fashion Design (Sem-V): 14

  • M.Sc./ / M.A Fashion Design -11

Objective of the activity (workshop/seminar/activity/Visit): The objective of the visit to the jute manufacturing facility was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the jute manufacturing process and to explore the wide range of products that can be created from jute fibres. This hands-on experience aimed to enhance knowledge on sustainable materials, manufacturing techniques, and the versatility of jute in various industries.


 A visit at “The New Now Jute” products manufacturer was organized by the Department of Fashion and Textile of IIS (Deemed to be University) on 26th August 2023 for the students of B.Sc. Fashion Design (Sem V), and M.A./M.Sc./M.Com. Fashion Design (Sem I and III). 25 students attended the visit. The owner of the Jute manufacturer Ms. Roopali Saxena took the initiative and explained to the students about Jute products like potali bags, hessian, rugs, bottle covers, Katori daan, and jute folders, and different types of Embroidery stitching techniques i.e. Running, Bullion, Back, and French Knot, etc.   She also explained the Knitting products like Knitted pouf, Tortoise toys, Plant hanging, and knitted bottle covers, etc.  She explained products manufacturing depend on the product for example large jute rugs are made in 15-20 days. A small product like a jute bag or potali made on 7 Days.

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Ms Roopali Saxena enlightened the students about the Jute product process and explained the Jute, material, and its eco-friendly characteristics. All Jute was procured from Kolkata.  Students learned the process of embroidery stitches design in Jute pottali bags. She showcased the jute products Bags, Tray, Mesh and Jute Rugs, and Bottle covers. Jute products were enriched through embroidery fabric painting and applique techniques. The student further understood the process of crocheting through jute yarn which could be converted to Bottles, Table, Mats and coaster. The visit served as a valuable educational opportunity, connecting classroom knowledge with real-world industrial operations and learning the application of design on Jute products and learning the techniques of crocheting.

Outcome of the activity: 

The visit to The New Now Jute unit was a learning experience for the students learned as they process and craftsmanship behind this sustainable material.


Dr. Sulekha Ojha Ms. Neetu Saini

Head, Department of Fashion and Textiles                                       Teacher Coordinator