Visit to Sutrakaar Creations (Industrial Visit)


Name of the Department: IIC, Startup Cell, Department of Fashion & Textiles, Department of Commerce

Name of the Activity: Visit to Sutrakaar Creations (Industrial Visit)

Date: 15th December 2021

Venue: Sutrakaar Creations, Aadarsh Nagar, Jaipur.

Topic on which activity was organized: Product Up-cycling, Waste management

No. of Participants:  

  • B.Sc. Fashion Design (Sem-I): 17
  • MBA-Entrepreneurship-2

Objective of the activity (workshop/seminar/activity/Visit):

  1. To understand the tools, equipments and processes in Fabric manufacturing unit.
  2. To learn the knowhow of making thread from paper waste.
  3. To understand the waste management and startup working.


IISU Incubation center and startup cell of the university has organized an industrial visit for the students of Fashion and textiles and MBA-Entrepreneurship to Sutrakaar Creations on 15th December, 2021 to make the students learn the knowhow of making products from the waste of papers and fabrics and to make them understand the waste management and the startup working.  Today paper waste contributes to being one of the third largest pollutants on Earth and their aim is to use as much of this waste and transform them into beautiful products. They try to follow the 4 R’s in their designs, reduce, reuse, recycle and respect. The idea is to juxtapose crafts with post-consumer waste such that we promote fair trade, craft empowerment, zero-waste and ethical fashion.

They are at present exclusively exporting to International buyers from Australia and other countries.

Their USP is hand spinning and weaving of handmade paper, newspaper waste and create products from these fascinating hand woven paper fabrics. Handmade paper and Newspaper are cut into strips then hand spun, using charkha, by the local women trained to create quality paper yarn. The weaver transforms these yarns into beautiful fabrics on our hand-looms. The ready fabric is carefully hand crafted into various products falling in the categories of Fashion Accessories like clutches, sling bags, Tote bags, Interiors like Lampshades, Tapestries, rugs, carpets, Cushion Covers, Stationery Products like Diaries, Sketch books, pen stands, Jewellery – Neck pieces, Earrings, Wrist Bands and many more.

The various processes in the creation of the products make them very special and unique. Paper weaving is an old Japanese tradition. One can now own an up-cycled and transformed piece of this ancient tradition in the form of a functional and stylish product.


They are also producing and selling for online portals.

Neerja Palisetty was the resource person. She is overall co-coordinating the business.


Outcome of the activity:

The experience for the students was very fascinating and unique. They were amused to see the process of making up-cycled products. They learned the methods of using waste and making them into beautiful products. They learned the process of creating textiles on the hand loom. They learned the process of making yarn from the waste papers. Miss Neerja narrated her startup story which motivated the students to do something unique.



Dr. Radha Kashyap                                                         Ms Harshita Bhown

Head, Department of Fashion and Textiles               Teacher Coordinator