Workshop on “Fashion forward: Transitioning from campus to corporate"

School of Design

Department of Fashion & Textiles


Activity Name

Workshop on “Fashion forward: Transitioning from campus to corporate”

Day/ Date

6-7 March’24, Wednesday and Thursday


Ojas Hall


B.Sc. Fashion Design Sem II, IV, IV, PG Sem II & IV

Resource Person

Dr. Vaishali Gupta


Day one focused on the shift from campus to corporate life, the session extensively covered CV and resume building, personalized cover letter crafting, and the pivotal role of internships and certifications. Dr.Vaishali Gupta introduced platforms such as Internshala and Udemy, underscoring their relevance for skill augmentation. The objective was to bridge the divide between academia and the professional sphere, equipping students with actionable insights for navigating the corporate landscape. The session was informative, acknowledging the significance of proactive career planning and continuous learning in today's competitive job market for the students. Dr. Vaishali Gupta's guidance poised to empower students as they embark on their professional journeys.

On Day 2, the session aimed to deepen students' grasp of essential skills and offered personal interview tips. Emphasizing on the importance of thorough company research, Dr. Gupta underscored the significance of organizational ethos and culture. Moreover, she highlighted networking as a key factor for career advancement, offering it as a valuable tip. Overall, the two-day session proved highly beneficial for students, providing practical knowledge alongside instilling confidence and empowerment as they prepare for their professional endeavors.

Conclusion: The Training & Placement Cell &Department of Fashion & Textiles organized a 2 Day session on ‘The Corporate Odyssey: A Roadmap for New Graduates’ for fashion designing students. This session aimed to provide students with understanding of essential skills and some personal interview tips when they step into real world of competition.

Dr. SulekhaOjha                                                                  Faculty Co-ordinator

Head, Department of Fashion and Textiles                        Ms. Harshita Bhown