Workshop on Mud Printing

Department of Fashion & Textiles

Workshop on Mud Printing


  Date:     24th March 2018

 Activity:  Workshop

 Venue :   A401

 Teacher Coordinator : Sunetra Datt & Poorvi Agarwal


Department of  Fashion and Textiles had organized a workshop on “MUD PRINTING” on 24th March 2018.The resource persons were  Mr. Sandeep Chippa  & Mr. Govind Chippa , Poonam Textiles, Bagru, they defined the traditional process of this printing methods through mud paste ,and natural dying agents on pretreated cotton fabrics. In this workshop they taught how to prepare the mud paste and colour.

    The process of finishing was as follows:

  1. Pretreated (cambric cotton) fabric was used.
  2. Mud paste: Black soil, gum, lime, and wheat powder, were mixed and keept for one day. This paste was applied with wooden blocks on the Pretreated fabrics. After printing the fabric, students waited for drying of the fabric.  
  1. After that they took two tubs and made the independent solution of Harda & Kashish dye (popular name). Harda gives yellow colour to the fabrics and Kashish dyed gives grey colour to the fabrics. After completion of dyeing process, fabrics were kept in the sun light till they dry. 
  2. Than the dyed fabric was washed in separate clean water for removal of the mud and than dried in shade.


Students learnt the natural process of the Bagru print, they had prepared the samples for made-ups (table cloth, cushion cover, mats) with the help of mud printing.


Dr. Radha Kashyap                                                        Poorvi Agarwal

Head, Dept of Fashion & Textiles                                   Teacher Coordinator