Workshop of Pidilite Free Hand Painting & Texture

Department of Fashion & Textiles

Report on workshop


Activity: Workshop of Pidilite Free Hand Painting & Texture

Venue:   Clothing Lab

Date: 23rd & 24 th August 2017


The Department of Fashion and Textiles conducted two days workshop exclusively for the student of COSD Fashion Designing Certificate on 23rd & 24th August 2017 in Clothing Lab from 09:30 am. to 10:30 am.

The resource person for the workshop was Ms. Nidhi Mathur, an artist from “Pidilit Fevicryl Colours”, Jaipur. This workshop was planned with an aim to develop and enhance skills towards free hand painting and texture.

Students were asked to bring the White Cambric cloth 1 meter or T- Shirt (light colour), Fevicryl soft Sunflower kit, Fevicryl pearl sparkling colour of any shade, Fevicryl 3d outliner cone line of  any shade (Gold-352, Silver-351, Red-701, Blue-702, Yellow-703, Green-704), Brushes Round  (0, 3 & 5 Flat No. 1 & 6), Carbon Paper, Rough Cloth, News Paper, Water Container, Colour Palette, Embroidery Frame Wooden or Plastic, Water Container, Colour Mixing Container, Tooth Brush (old), Scissors and Stationery items.

Ms. Nidhi Mathur demonstrated Free hand painting on cotton fabric. She explained the students about the process of painting on the fabric.


Day 1: Freehand Painting & Texture              


She gave demonstration on design development by using various fabric colours such as metallic colours, 3D colours, etc. also explained the techniques to apply colour on cotton using free hand technique. 3D colours used to give the effect of embroidery. Such colors can be use on T-shirts, Scarf and Kurtas.


Day 2: Liquid Embroidery & Traditional Design             

The students were given practical knowledge of the application of fabric colors and their uses. The session was very informative and the students learnt the techniques and practiced the same on the material which they had brought.



Dr. Radha Kashyap                                    

Head, Dept. of Fashion & Textiles  


Ms. Sunetra Datt ,


        Teacher Coordinator