Workshop: Portfolio Development

Department of Fashion & Textiles

Report on Portfolio Development

Name of the Department: Fashion & Textiles

Name of the Activity:Portfolio development workshop

Date: 20th March, 2023

Venue: Clothing Lab

Topic on which activity was organized:Portfolio Development& Curriculum Vitae

No. of Participants: 13 students(B.Sc. Fashion Design Semester VI and M.A./M.Sc/ M.Com Fashion Design semester IV)

Teacher coordinator: Dr. Sulekha Ojha & Ms. Garima Tiwari

Objective of the activity:To brief the students about the Portfolio development and Curriculum Vitae for the placements.


            A workshop was organized by the department of Fashion & Textiles in Clothing Lab on 20th March, 2023. The coordinator of the activity was Dr. Sulekha Ojha & Ms. Garima Tiwari. The students of B.Sc Fashion Design Semester VI and M.A. /M.Sc/ M.Com Fashion Design semester IV took actively part in this workshop.

The students were given useful tips and advices for the Portfolio development& Curriculum Vitae. Firstly the students were introduced with the process of product development from conceptualization to creating product forthetheme they have taken inspiration. The portfolio should  showcase the knowledge and development of skills gained through all the semester work, training, etc. It is important that portfolio should have all work related which demonstratescomprehensive learning outcomes and most often includes theoretical or conceptual knowledge as well as application of subject-specific. To give practical knowledge to the students about the portfolio building, they were shown a small clipping of videos and sample portfolio.

A brief description regarding the Curriculum Vitae was also given to the students.They were told about the various formats Curriculum Vitae and what points should be taken into consideration in preparing strong Curriculum Vitae for recruiting.

The queries of many students regarding the resume as well as the portfolio were also solved.

The workshop came out to be very useful and important for the students of c Fashion Design Semester VI and M.A. /M.Sc/ M.Com Fashion Design Semester IV.

Outcome of this workshop: All the final year students were given hands on training for developingPortfolios &Curriculum Vitae.