Workshop:Shibori & Liquid Embroidery

Department of Fashion & Textiles

Report on COSD Workshop

Name of the Department

Fashion & Textiles

Type of Event



26th - 27th  September 2023


Clothing Lab

Topic on which activity was organized

Shibori & Liquid Embroidery  

No. of Participants/Beneficiaries:

26 students (B.Sc Fashion Design-Sem I & COSD)


Objective of the workshop: 

  • To Identify and understand the craft techniques of tie and dye & liquid embroidery.

  • To explore the possibilities of fabric embellishment through various contemporary ways. 

  • To develop products through innovative techniques learnt during workshop.


Department of Fashion & Textiles of the IIS (deemed to be University), organized two days’ workshop for B.Sc Fashion Design, Sem I & Career Oriented and Skill Development Programme (Certificate) students. The resource person for the same was Ms. Raj Dholiwal, Senior Art & Craft Instructor, Pidilite, Jaipur.









Day 1.

The resource person Ms. Raj Dholiwal introduced students with techniques of Shibori, demonstrating the process of tying the fabric for Tie-dye and Liquid embroidery. The first step of tie-dye started with folding, twisting, pleating, or crumpling of fabric or garment and binding them with string or rubber bands. That is a technique for embellishing textiles by tingeing cloth and securing it before dying. After tying the fabric, the colours was applied on apparel for getting shibori effect. The students dyed T-shirts, Kurtas & Napkins with two-three colours and outcome of the product was outstanding.

On Day 2 

Ms. Raj Dholiwal demonstrated 3D liquid embroidery technique to the students using Pedilite Fevicryl 3D outliners. She used 3D outliners on cotton fabric to give the effect of embroidery. 


Liquid Embroidery is a technique of replicating embroidery effect on fabric without using threads using 3D liners. This method is cost effective as well as time saving. Students showed inclination towards the workshop and value added the t-shirt, shirt with Liquid embroidery and made mobile covers, Cushion covers, & bags with the help of liquid embroidery. This activity not only helped students to enhance creativity but also helped them in learning presentation skills .The workshop was very fruitful for the students and the students learnt the techniques enthusiastically. 

Outcome of the workshop:

Students developed skills about using the different mediums of the colours and developed  variety of products.

Dr. Sulekha Ojha

Head, Department of Fashion & Textiles

Teacher Co- ordinator

Dr. Sunetra Datt

Ms. Garima Tiwari