Short term courses

Certificate Course in Textile Design (6 months)






Entrepreneurship: Acquire entrepreneurial skills in the field of textiles



Higher Education: Appraise and devise the abilities for higher education in the design area



Placement: Combine and apply creative & technical skill for opportunities in the field of textiles



Students will be able to:

PO 1

Life Long Learning: Assess and apply the learning process by upgrading themselves with new skills and requirements related to textile industry

PO 2

Reflective Thinking: Develop innovative products relevant to the needs of the society by using the concept of design process in product development

PO 3

Disciplinary Knowledge & Skills: Develop and apply comprehensive textile design skill for achieving excellence in the field of textiles

PO 4

Digital Literacy: Apply knowledge of CAD software to create new designs for textile industry

PO 5

Multi Cultural Competence: Evaluate the need of consumer base in the market related to design and production

PO 6

Critical Thinking: Assess product quality, serviceability and regulatory standards in textiles

PO 7

Moral & Ethical Awareness: Apply innovative thinking, technological competent and sustainable practice related to textile industry

PO 8

Co-operation of the Team Work: Devise skills to work in a team with multidisciplinary approach towards decision making and work ethics

PO 9

Effective Communicator: Formulate skills and visual forms to research based ideas into innovative design process

PO 10

Leadership Readiness/Quality: Prepare as ready professionals with quality work and skill based knowledge for the textile industry

PO 11

Research: Apply concepts and skills through research based assignments and experimental learning for textiles.

PO 12

Self Directive Learning: Recognize the need and ability to engage in the broadest context of technological change in textile industry