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  • To acquaint students with the functioning of production department of an Apparel Industry.


Unit I: 
Spreading and Cutting
  • Marker types and calculations
  • Spreading process and spreading equipments
  • Types of cutting machines
  • Ticketing and bundling  
Unit II: 
Production System


  • Components of sewing: Threads, Needles, Feed dog,  Pressure foot and Throat plate
  • Classification of seam & stitches according to BI standard
  • Machinery and equipments for sewing
  • Salient features uses and types of production system- Progressive bundle system, Unit production system, and Modular production system.




Unit III: 
Components and Trims
  • Support Material: Interlining, Lining, Shoulder pad, Tapes and Collar stays
  • Closures: Zipper, Button & Buttonholes, Snaps & Hooks & Loop Tape, Elastic
  • Trims: Lace, Braids and binding
Unit IV: 
Post Production Machinery and Processes
  • Production finishing – bar tack, button, button holes
  • Garment finishing – stain removal, dry cleaning, cleaning and pressing
  • Types of packages
  • Types of materials used for packing



Unit V: 
CAD/CAM for Apparel Products
  • Introduction to concept of CAD/CAM in garment manufacturing
  • Complete pattern design system, preparation for grading, marker and pattern making
  • Introduction to computer controlled machinery for garment manufacturing, 3D scanning technology, development of Robotic for CAM
  • RFID – Radio Frequency Identification
Essential Readings: 
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