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FSD 323
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To familiarize students with retailing concepts
To acquaint students with retail world.

Unit I: 
  • Meaning and Definition, Social and economic Significance of retailing, Opportunities in retailing, characteristics of retailing
  • Historical perspective of Retail in India and current Scenario.
  • Types of retailers, retail change drivers in India, evolution of retail formats
  • Service Retailing
  • Ethics and social responsibility
Unit II: 
Retail Strategy & Merchandise Management
  • Meaning and Definition, building sustainable competitive advantage, growth strategies, global growth strategies, retail planning process
  • Retail Value Chain
  • Merchandise category
  • Evaluating performance- GMROI
  • Managing Inventory Turnover
  • Merchandise management process
Unit III: 
Site Location & Financial Aspects of Retail
  • Evaluating a site for locating a retail store
  • Site characteristics
  • Retail Economics, measures of performance income statement and balance sheet, measure of performance evaluation- Ratio analysis
  • Measuring retail store and space performance, measuring employee productivity


Unit IV: 
Nature & types of Brand
  • Introduction of brands, Evolution and history of brands
  • Brand Development, Role of branding in business
  • Brand and Consumer psychology, Brand Loyalty, Brand Values
  • Manufacturers Brand, Private Labels, Licensed Brands, In-Store Brands, Generic Brands.
  • Categories: Mass Market, Premium, Luxury Brands
  • Brand Extension
Unit V: 
  • Brand Image & Brand Identity
  • Brand Personality & Brand Positioning
  • Brand Culture & Rituals, Brand Equity
  • Competitive Branding Strategies
Essential Readings: 
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  • Gibson G. Vedmani: Retail Management – Functional Principles & Practices; Jaico publishing house.
  • Chetan Bajaj, Rajnish Tuli, Nidhi V. Srivastava; Retail Management, Oxford University Press.
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