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  • To provide an understanding of logistics and supply chain management, and its application in business.
Unit I: 
Distribution Channels
  • Apparel supply chain overview
  • The meaning and nature of distribution channels.
  • Channels levels: Vertical, Marketing system, Horizontal Marketing system, Hybrid marketing systems.


Unit II: 
Channel Management
  • Channel planning and design, Criterion for selection of channel members,
  • Methods of compensating and motivating channel members,
  • Assessing the performance of channel members, Removal and addition in the channels.
Unit III: 
Retail Logistics Management
  • Meaning of Retail Logistics management, The physical flow of merchandise,
  • Emerging concepts in Logistics, Importance of a Distribution Centre ,
  • Functions of a Distribution channel, Order Processing and fulfilment,
  • Transportation and Warehousing


Unit IV: 
Supply Chain Management
  • Concept & Need of supply chain management 
  • Evolution in supply chain management 
  • Issues involved in developing supply chain
  • Performance measurements and control
Unit V: 
Supply Chain in Domestic and Global Environment
  • Concepts & Benefits
  • Porters Model of value chain in selling and procurement,
  • Improving supply chain forecasting,
  • Purchase and supply chain,
  • Production and supply chain
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