Educational Visit to J.K. Sons Printing Unit


 Visit to J.K.Sons (Printing Unit), Sitapura, Jaipur

The students of Bachelor of Textile and Master of Textile  (Sem IV) visited a Textile unit, J.K Sons on 26th Feb’15. M/S J.K Sons is well established printing Unit which is using automatic flatbed machine for the printing. The Company is owned by Mr.Rajiv who explained the different process of printing .He taught the students how the grey goods are processed and carry forward for the printing on flatbed machine. The Flatbed machine is fully automatic. Only one person is needed to operate the frequency of motor speed with easy operation & high sensitivity. This machine is very reliable and easy to operate. The printing table length is up to 40 meter and maximum 20 colors of design is can be used for the printing. The operating speed is 10 to 15 printing cycles per minute. The width of printing table is 1200 mm to 3000 mm..

This visit is very fruitful for the students as it enhanced their knowledge.