Industrial Visit (Ratan Textiles)

School of Design

Name of the Department: Fashion & Textiles

Name of the Activity:   Industrial Visit

Date: 21 March 2024

Venue: Ratan Textiles, Textile Exporter, Jaipur 

No. of Participants: 28 (B.Sc. Fashion Design semester IV and semester VI)

Objective of the activity (workshop/seminar/activity/Visit) – Creating an awareness and exposure of apparel manufacturing industry.


Department of Fashion & Textiles organized an industrial visit to export house “RATAN TEXTILES for the students of B.Sc. Fashion Design Semester IV & VI on 21st March 2023. Twenty-eight students visited the export house. The main objective behind the visit was to make the students aware about the various production process performed in the apparel production industry. Mr. Sunil, Marketing Manager guided the students to visit the industry.  He explained students about the various steps involved in the manufacturing process of garment, starting from the grey fabric to the finished garment. The students visited one by one various departments of the industry and explored the process of work flow equipment’s and machines used in all department such as:

Spreading & Cutting: The students had the experienced of Spreading where layering. Where fabric rolls are loaded on to the roll holders and fabric is spread manually by spreaders or by a semi-automatic or automatic spreading machine. After spreading, layers were cut with the help of straight knife cutting machines and end cutters. The students had the exposure to see the process of spreading and layering.

Sewing: In sewing department the production system followed assembly Line System whereby a group of operators worked on a product depending on the product type. After production the line had quality checks after every set of operations. All pieces were checked fully at the end of the line before they are moved on to the finishing department

Finishing: In the finishing department the sewn products were checked for any faults or defects. Inspection: The garment pieces produced were checked thoroughly for various types of defects such as Broken Needle, Fly, Hole, Thick Yarn, Thin Yarn and Barre Packing& Dispatch: After inspection the products were wrapped in polythene bags and sent for packing in suitable form as per the buyers’ specifications. After packing, the final products were dispatched.

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The students also visited CAD designing department where various Software was used for designing. The students also got opportunities to visit the  exhibition organized in the industry The visit was very insightful and gave knowledge about machinery and process used in garment manufacturing.

Outcome of the activity:  

The visit not only increases the knowledge but also give the clear understanding and idea about organizational activities before entering into an organization. From this visit student got the opportunity to learn facing the real challenges as well as the actual working patterns of apparel industry in real business world. The students were able to relate the theoretical concept of all the processes involved in the manufacturing process.

Dr. Sulekha Ojha 

Head, Department of Fashion & Textiles  

Ms. Neetu Saini

Teacher Co-ordinator